Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 16, 2015

Baseball Season Has Started

This year we are playing baseball at Bel Passi and its been a great choice to move to this league! Jordan is playing for the Cardinals and Justin is playing for the Rangers.  Jeff is coaching Jordan and Justin has some really great nice coaches.  Should be a fun year!!!

Fentons with Grandma and Grandpa Stacy

Mom and Dad Stacy watched the kids for us to go to the Temple.  After we drove over to Fentons for some ICE CREAAAAAAAM!!!! YUMMMMMM!

Spring Time fun!

 A new haircut (shorter than I was thinkin in my head), moving the playstructure, and a surprise Sunday morning breakfast from my Justin!

 This play structure move was a task that could not be was impossible!  We've been trying to plan out our backyard and what we wanted where and how we were going to do it all.  We have all the potential for an AWESOME yard and yet things were just all in the wrong place.  The pool was on top of the sprinklers where grass should be, where we could put grass there were no sprinklers, the play structure was in the corner where the pool would be ideal...but tearing it down was not an option because it actually gets played on!  UGH! Decisions decisions!  Lucky for us our neighbors the Florences came over to see our plans and Brandon just wouldn't let it go.  He was determined to move that play structure!  So they got out the PVC pipes, called up some man power, got a dolly and some straps and BAM! There you go folks, backyard problems all gone in about 15 minutes!!  My dream backyard was about to come true!!   
And here's something awesome to wake up to on a fine Sunday morning!!  Pancakes made (and cleaned up I might add) by your 9 year old son.  What a kid!!  He did it all by himself and you can tell he's proud of himself too!!

After Church Almond Blossom Pics

June 22, 2015

PALS Basketball League

The boys got to play basketball this year and it's a great league.  They only play on Saturdays, no kind of commitment!  So it was a great little couple of months and they had a great time.

March 26, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Justin did a 49er themed pinewood derby car this year.  He had a great time building it with Jeff...unfortunately they might have waited till the night before to do it and didn't get to fine tune it with Grandpa Capell's expertise!  Next year buddy!!  Next year!!  I was surprised and impressed with this competitive boys' good sportsmanship during the derby though.  He hates losing and he was a good sport through it all.

Pregnancy and a fun family Bingo night

 Yep, this is how I look and feel pretty much all the time.  It's really sad.  My poor family.  I took this picture to send to my two besties who are also pregnant with me right now...and due just the day before me!!  CRAZY!!!  It's been so much fun to complain to each other HAHAHAHAAAA!!!  But really I got myself off the couch today to go with these tree cuties to the Family Bingo Night and I'm sure glad I did!! We had a great time and were all winners! LOVE THAT!

Jordan's 7th Birthday Celebrations

Oh how I love this 7 year old!! Jordan Tyler Capell!!  What a sweet fun spirit he has.  His tender heart is one of the greatest attributes he has.  His sweet spirit brings such joy to everyone who knows Jordan.  We have a lot of stubbornness in this house and it's so refreshing to have an easy going happy boy who knows what he wants but is always willing to put others before himself.  This boy loves baseball, basketball and video games!  I think he would play the wii all day long if I let him.  He also loves to watch movies and jump on the trampoline.  I'm SO grateful for this sweet boy in our lives!!!  Happy 7th Birthday Jordan!!