Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 4, 2014

Halloween Day and night

 We went to Jordan's class to see him sing a song and make pudding graveyards with him.  He wasn't feeling 100%, but you couldn't tell when he was singing.  So cute!

 Then we carved our pumpkins finally thanks to Jeff!! These were some TOUGH pumpkins!

 Later that night...from 12-3am Jordan and I spent some quality time together at the ER...

 Poor guy, Viral Bronchitis and some other spasm thing.  He's great now, but it was scary when he wasn't breathing. 


What a Surprise!

So the kids all came in to tell me that Jared was poopy.  I flippidly replied that they'd be my favorites if they changed his diaper.  2 quiet minutes later I go outside to see why these four were so quiet and found my answer!!  Jordans face!!!

Picking out our pumkins

Grandma and Grandpa Stacy come to visit

 They came for the day to watch Justin's football game and celebrate his birthday with us.  They wound up watching GAME 4 of the WORLD SERIES with us and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Giants tied it up 2 games a piece WAHOOO!!