November 1, 2013

Just some randoms in September

 We went to IHOP one morning the three of us to use my free meal coupon! Jared's getting so big!
 Hailey is working on sleeping in her bed all night and not banging.  I told her I'd buy her a barbie if she slept in her bed all night and it worked! So I had to buy her a barbie!!  Turns out I have a huge box full of these Holiday Barbies from my G&G Stacy that I never opened.  It's time to let these dolls be loved!!

My 32nd birthday, NOT my 23rd...

September 6, 2013

Family Giants Pictures

 We all know we have an obsession in our family.  We know it. We don't care. With every new kid that we have Jeff always likes to get all dressed up in our Giants gear and take a family picture.  Since we still haven't done it with Jared we had to finally do it!

Apple Hill on a special Labor Day weekend

 On Saturday we got up to my parent's house in the morning. Jeff and Brittany and their kids came out so that we could all be together to do Jeremy's temple work.  So we decided to do Apple Hill that morning. We hit up High Hill Ranch for some caramel apples and slushies!! YUM!  Jeff had to work so his parents brought him out to the temple after he got off. Then they stayed and helped watch all the kids.  It was great! 
 Grandpa Stacy bought Hailey her first pony ride at Apple Hill!!  SHE WAS LOVING IT!!!

 Homemade Ice Cream after Apple Hill!!

 Look at these posers :)

 Here's what we did after church on Sunday...great family times outside enjoying the beauties!

 Showing my dad how to take a selfie :)

 Look at these little beauties!!!  I love it that they are so close in age.  6 months when they are babies seems like forever...but now it's like nothing!!

 They were showing me how princesses act! hahaa
 And ballerinas
 And Justin my little hoodlum wanted in on the camera action too

 We had to get a picture of everyone together before Jeff and Britt left in the morning.  Love you Guys!
 Then on Labor Day we went back to Apple Hill to hit up Abel's and Kids Inc.
 The boys got their own horse rides

 And we hung out while they did the hay the shade!