Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 20, 2007


So I was reading the conference talks the other morning while Justin was playing with his toys...of course he wants to see everything that I'm doing, and as he was checking out my magazine, he points to the back of the cover and says, "Prophet" clear as day. Shocked, I turn to the page I was reading and ask, "Is this the prophet Justin?" (it was Holland) and he replied quickly, "No, no" (while shaking his head). I returned to the back cover again and asked, is the prophet Justin? And he pointed to him and said, "Prophet, Hi prophet". Who knew they even paid attention? Keep it up moms, they really do listen!


HeidiAnn said...

Soooooo cute! Joseph and I were sooo shocked that such a little guys could know so much! You must be soooooome momma! I hope I can be like you! Love you sooo much and can't wait to see you soon!

Kristin said...

What a good mommy and daddy Justin has!!!

Kamie said...

That is really cute. Makes you think twice about what you say around little ones right? Guess I should be glad we don't have any little ears in our house right now :)

Brynn said...

What a smart boy! I wish I could meet your little Justin in person!