Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 12, 2007

Amber (Crockett) Brown's Wedding!!!

Amber and Cory are finally MARRIED!!! The sealing was perfect, just like them! What a cute couple!!! I had such a fun time with all the girls in Arizona (and no baby!!)


HeidiAnn said...


Mike and Dyami said...

I TOTALLY REMEMBER AMBER! That's so cool that she's married and you got to go. She looks so cute and I bet you had such a blast! If you remember next time you talk to her, tell her hi and congrats for me.

Pambie said...

THANK YOU DYAMI!! I remember you too(if you ever read this):) Sheila thanks for posting cute pics on your blog of MY wedding!! being married is so fun!! and I'm so happy for you and your new baby (GIRL!! OK...maybe it will be a boy...) LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!