Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 26, 2007

Official PT Business

Well, Jeff has done it! He's officially done with all manual labor and has completed his first week in his Physical Therapy Internship. He's relieved to not be breaking down walls anymore, but I'm sure missing those paychecks. We got super lucky for him to get hired back on with SRL this summer just for the 5 weeks he had off. It couldn't have been more perfect for us, so we feel really blessed. I told Jeff that every time I look in our bank I feel like we're rich!! (You know you're poor when a couple grand in the bank makes you feel "rich") But hey, that's some hard earned money that doesn't have to be paid back with interest!!! GOOD JOB HONEY! So back to PT...he's working at a clinic with a really nice guy that I guess he's really liking and learning a ton from. (Like that he doesn't really want to work in CA with all the hoops PT have to jump through to not get sued) I'm not so sure I like this guy. The actual clinic is not Jeff's ideal working place and I'm loving that he's figuring out what he likes and doesn't like so that when it comes to actually finding a "real" job some day, he'll know what he wants. It's a clinic for people who got hurt on the job, can't think of the name right now, but anyways I guess Jeff said that they see one patient every half hour and I guess that's a lot and it's not super personal. He's more into the patient relationships, etc. At the place he worked at in Orem, it was much different, some patients came in and stayed in the clinic for up to two hours doing their exercises etc. Anyways, just thought I'd update about Jeff since all I seem to talk about is Justin and me. He's learning a ton and is already actually working one-on-one with patients after just three days. He was not expecting that! So we're happy Jeff's happy and is actually liking what he's been going to school for...phew!!


Brynn said...

Hooray for husbands liking what they went to school in! Brian's internship has also proved beneficial in that he has learned so much, and actually does enjoy law! HOORAY! We're still working on the "rich" part, but, he only has 1 year left of school! Then we'll be in debt up to our ears! Thanks for the hubby update! I've never even met him, ya know!

HeidiAnn said...

I'm so glad he's doing so well Sheila! There is no doubt he will be successful! GOOOO JEFF!!!!

The Rogers said...

i didn't know you had a blog. i found you on francesca's. so fun. i'm glad you have one, it will be fun to look at.