Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 23, 2007

A day around our apt. complex

Since Jeff and I share our one car, sometimes I decide to be nice and not make Jeff ride the super nice light rail to work in the 100 degree weather and he takes the car to work. (I know, isn't he lucky??) On those days Justin and I have to be extra creative with what we do in our little apartment and occasionally I get ambitious and we go outside for a stroll...
Most of the time on our "strolls" around the complex, we run into Mr. Miagi "Mee-Ah-Gee" that's what Jeff and I call him at least. He's a very old chinese man that is ALWAYS outside, never fails...Justin likes to wave and say "Hi" to him and I think it makes his day. Maybe Justin will be the next "Danielson!"

We even went down the slide a few dozen times...well, Justin did. Then we practiced throwing the cut up pieces of tire that are like wood chips under the slide. Justin thought that was so much fun, but I got strange looks from the neighbors walking by...hmmmm.


HeidiAnn said...

I was laughing so hard about the Mr. Miagi thing. I can just picture this little old Chinese man walking around. Old people love kids . . . I bet he does love to see Justin. By the way, you are such a trooper going out in the heat while prego. How are you doin' anyway?? Miss you sooo much!

The Rogers said...

too funny shiela! i remember exactly those days, although we didn't have a mr. miagi...lucky you. the highlight our hannah and my day (with hyrum incubating) was going to get the mail, or walking over to the laundry room. i think it might be good for the soul to find such mundane and usually very boring things, well, a least a little worth writing about.

Ken Duffy said...

Mr. miagi is in your neighborhood? man, we need to move close to you guys! jk... too bad my kids don't even know who he is yet... by the way, cute family picture!!!