Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 23, 2007

Mini Jeff

Justin is determined to be just like his daddy...he really thought he was "big stuff" wearing daddy's belt and shoes!

"oooh, I'm soo cool!"


HeidiAnn said...

He is so darn stinkin'tootin' cute I can't stand it. I bet he keeps you laughing all the time. What a great post!

Kristin said...

Too cute!! It helps that he looks just like his dad!!

Mike and Dyami said...
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Mike and Dyami said...

I have a confession, Mike and I watched Karate Kid on TV yesterday and it was the first time I've ever seen it. I learned who Mr Miagi is and where the whole wax on wax off originates, So I was excited to appreciate you calling your neighbor Miagi, haha.

Well, I bet you're having such a blast and getting excited for another play buddy.