Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 17, 2007


We decided to pack up and drive to Utah for the weekend...let's just say three days is NOT enough time to forget how long it actually took to drive THERE, let alone think about the drive home!! It was totally worth it though. Jeff's family (the Walker side) always does a week at Snowbird and it's so much fun to get to see everyone. We had a lot of fun playing games and Justin had fun at the pool and at Snowbirds cool new playground. The weather was PERFECT, a super nice change from the HOT Sactown weather.

I do think the vacuum was Justin's highlight though...who woulda thought?


The Rogers said...

i didn't know you went to utah...looks like you had fun, i could definatley use a vaca!

Derek, Lindsey, and Nixon said...

Wow! I can not belive how big Justin is getting. Puting together sentences. WHAT! That is crazy. Feb 1 is the best due date. That way you will have the baby just in time for the wonderful spring weather. How perfect! We love you guys and we CAN NOT wait to see what you are having.