Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 16, 2007

Favorite Past Time

Now, although we are almost to the World Series, I had to post this picture of our fam at the A's game...I'm rooting for the Rockies in the World Series, and we're very excited for them to finally make it there! Go Rockies!
So here's Jeff and I at Coors Field in Colorado (pre-Justin)
Of course we made the road-trip to CO from UT just see the Giants play the Rockies.
Who knew they'd be in the World series this year!!

Today I cleaned my house (finally) I mean every single aspect...even dusting so you know this place is sparklin. I haven't been feeling totally up to deep cleaning my house in well....let's just say it's been wayyyyyyyyyy too long. So poor Justin has been entertaining himself inside all day long and it's been super funny to see the things he can get creative with. I cannot tell you how good it feels it have a clean house! Why have I seriously waited so long?


HeidiAnn said...

Sheila you are such a babe! Love ya!

Megan said...

Oh I love a clean house too!!! Which reminds me...