Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 19, 2007

A New Day!

I had to post a positive about subbing to make up for my super negative one from last Friday. I just have to say...I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL!! Today (1st per) I'm subbing "special education" I had no idea what to's Grant HS and today we are watching Spider Man 3! It's a block schedule so I have only 3 (2 hour) classes. I have to sub for a different special ed teacher for the rest of the day, and I'm thinking it won't be so easy, but for now...I'll take it!! Hurray for cool teachers that don't make subs actually teach! HA!

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Drea said...

Sheila!!! I'm so glad you found our blog! I'm going to add you to our list of friends - hope that's ok with you. I want to be able to look at your blog often! Your family is so sweet and adorable. And your new little one might share my birthday... Feb. 1 haha love ya!