Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 23, 2007

Family Traditions

I love the Day After's a whole nother holiday to me. You know, like the official start of Christmas! This morning my mom and I got up and hit the shopping crowds to catch the "Christmas Spirit" and we had such a fun day. Jeff was such a wonderful husband and hung out with Justin for the day while Mommy got her shopping "fix" for the next little while. I got so many great deals. So that's tradition #1...

Tradition #2 is putting up the Christmas decorations including a tree and everything that goes with it. We had Christmas music playing in the background while we transformed our house into a cute Christmasy home. It was really fun because this year Justin could help decorate the tree. Here's a few of him "helping" us decorate.

He was super excited to find his Christmas stocking that I sewed him last year. It was actually really fun for me to see it again because I'm currently working on the next baby's stocking and I had totally forgotten how cute Justin's turned out.

He even wanted to give Santa a kiss...(he was kissing all our decorations, baby Jesus, Mr. Snowman, this funny singing bear...) I guess he's just full of love...(he gets that from me)!


HeidiAnn said...

I Can't BELIEVE you made that stocking. It is sooooo cute!

Megan said...

Oh I LOVE Christmas! And I love Thanksgiving because as soon as it's done we get to start decorating for Christmas!!

sherrie said...

cute guys are good, you already have everything up for the holidays. you've motivated me to go get my decorations out.