Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Justin was a tiger this year for Halloween, he LOVED the costume as long as he wasn't wearing it! Once we put it on him, it took some major distractions to get him from wanting to take it off while saying, "All done tiger, all done." We went to two ward parties (Jeff's parents and ours) and by the time it was actually Halloween, he had this whole, wear the tiger, hold the pumpkin, Trick-Or-Treat thing down! What a fun Halloween!
Jeff took charge for most of the Trick-or-treating, I think he was on a mission to get as much candy for "Justin" as he possibly could in one night!

We actually spent Halloween night with his cousins Zach and Kali (my brother Mark's 2 kids)
Here's Justin with his cousins Kenny, Brad and Stephanie (Jeff's brother Kenneth's 3 kids)

This is at the ward Halloween Party, I thought this was cute.

Our little tiger was pretty wiped out by the end of the night. (He wouldn't let us put the real tiger head on him, it bugged him too much, so we settled with some whiskers.)

Jeff was great, he took Justin everywhere, this is the cake walk only they didn't win cakes, they won these super cool light up toys, what a hit!


Kristin said...

What a cute tiger! You guys really got a lot out of Halloween this year!

HeidiAnn said...

THat is great! "all done tiger, all done." What a stud!

Drea said...

Your little Tiger is so cute! I can't even get over it! So fun to see the pictures.

chris&heather said...

Hi Sheila! How are you guys doing? Your blog is adorable! I love the tiger costume...weird having Halloween with no snow eh? Austin and Mandy were so excieted to see "Sister Capell" in your blog...they both say hi!

Megan said...

Oh so adorable. That costume is super sweet. And thanks for your're so cute. :)