Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 27, 2007

Out with the old, In with the new

Please tell me I'm not CRAZY!! We did it! After about a month of "thinking it out" Justin is finally in A BIG BOY BED!! It all happened sorta suddenly and it was a fast change (once it came down to it). My mom (thanks again mom) found us a FREE twin bed that's in great shape. We had planned about a month ago to put Justin in our spare queen bed that's been in his room. Well, it wasn't until I started getting serious about this whole, time to take the crib out to get ready for the new baby idea that I realized that Justin couldn't even climb into the queen bed that we had. Kinda a problem... Soooo...once my mom found this free bed, my dad dropped it off and picked up the queen bed to store at their house. (This was yesterday). Once the twin bed was here and we started talking to Justin about this being his new "Big Boy Bed" it started getting exicitng. When I actually made the bed...I just couldn't let it sit there. So I had Jeff take apart the crib and voila! No more crib! Justin was playing along great all evening with the idea of a new bed, and being a big boy, so I was getting excited (and a little anxious/nostaligic) for the night to come. I would say the night actually went pretty good (seeing I have nothing to compare it to). Tonight is looking hopeful (so far) he didn't even cry when I put him down, but he did ask for his "baby bed" a couple of times before bedtime...poor kid! Crib is bye bye!!

Taking apart the crib

Here it is! The quilt on the bed was made by Grandma Capell, it's perfect!


Bryan and Ashley said...

Sheila I am so impressed!!! That is awesome! And his room is so cute!

Kari said...

What a BIG boy! It's perfect and I love the quilt! I'm not brave enough to try the big move with Kali quite yet but I'm sure it will come sooner or later!

Kristin said...

The quilt looks so great. I can't wait to hear how things are going now that it's the end of the week!

HeidiAnn said...

You're not crazy! You are so good! Think of this way. If you waited until the baby came, Justin might be really ticked that the baby took away his baby bed. Good job Mommy!

The Salazar Family said...

How cute! Aren't our kids all growing up so fast. Just think, the next step is potty training!! =)I love his basketball hoop! Chrisitian says Justin better practice up if he and Jeff want to take on him and Shawn! haha