Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 22, 2008

Going Crazy

I am officially driving myself NUTTS! I know that I still have 11 days left until my due date but I AM GOING CRAZY WAITING!!!

First of all, Jeff and I wound up at the hospital (yes, again) Saturday night around midnight. I'd been vomitting all night and I was sicker than I have been, plus all the vomitting started my body into some contractions. Anyways, we decided to be safe and go and see what my body was actually doing. I've progressed a little more now, I'm at 3 cm but my cervix is still pretty thick. My contractions were pretty regular about 5-7 min apart for about 45 sec. SO...after more throwing up, some walking, ice chips and eventually juice the nurse decides to send us home (thankfully) for the night. She said she'd be suprised if I go full term let alone more than a couple of days with the way my body was contracting...wait, what???? A COUPLE OF DAYS?!?!

Second tip, a nurse should never tell a very hormonal pregnant lady whose husband is going back to his first week of school the week of her DUE DATE that you that you could possibly even have the slightest chance of having this baby early! This simple and very hopeful comment has brought me to my breaking point. Obviously the "couple of days" window has passed as it is now TUESDAY and I am not in the hospital loving my new little, I'm definately not there because I AM SUBBING High School MATH today. (I promise, I am not complaining, it is a huge blessing to have a job and earn as much money as possible before the baby comes) It's that I was up ALL night anxiously awaiting my contractions (I'm pretty sure I wasn't dreaming them) to get stronger and closer together. OK, not all night...but from 2:27am to about 4:05 am I was wide eyed eager for Jeff to wake up and ask me if I was Ok and help me time these puppies...after all, the nurse said she'd be suprised if I went longer than a COUPLE OF DAYS! UGH!

Third, Jeff never woke up. I'm pretty sure he had the best night sleep of his life last night and that makes me happy. We had a great date to the movies to see The Bucket List, very good movie...of course I was very distracted with my obsession. I've decided, false hope is very disappointing...with Justin I was at 40 weeks no problem...nothin going on down there and no problem. Why now with every twinge do I think, "Is this it???"

Luckily Jeff has convinced me that it will happen when it's supposed to, he's assured me I'm not going into labor in the middle of teaching and that I really only have today, Thurs. and Friday left to sub. and that we should take full advantage...(I really like it when he's the one going to work for the day, for the record) and that it's best for the baby to be growing inside me while it still can...true true true.

Oh yeah, and has anyone seen the Friends episode where Phoebe tries to dismantle the fire alarm because it won't stop BEEPING!!! Yeah, that was us last night, literally I almost made Jeff go and put it in the trunk of our car so I would not go even farther out of my mind with each beep!!


Pambie said...

SHEILA!!! YOU ARE MY MOMMY HERO!!! I mean honestly sitting there teaching fractions when your baby could just come along at any moment!! GOOD JOB!! GOOD LUCK!! I miss you and love you!!!!

Stacie said...

that was really funny. oh, the waiting, it is enough to make you go crazy....esspecially after what the nurse said!! i will be ready with meals, just let me know when :).


Sheila!!!! I am so excited to hear from you. What a darling family. I hope things are going well. I will keep reading to stay up to speed. I miss you!

Kristin said...

Hey Sheila! Hang in there! I totally get it though, Im always waiting for the baby like 3 weeks before, and I don't even have the sickness that you deal with. He WILL come soon, that's the most exciting part! YEAH! I CANT WAIT!
Love ya! Kristin

Bryan and Ashley said...

Sheila I realize once I'm in your situation I wont be laughing at all but you are HILARIOUS!!! Thank you for this much needed laugh as I lay here wanting to pull my hair out. :) I hope this little guy comes soon so you aren't getting any sleep for a good reason. Hang in there!!!

Megan said...

Oh man I SOOO sympathize. And that nurse needs a swift kick in the behind. That's just wrong to tell a pregnant woman that. Total false hope. She should have told you that she didn't think this baby would come until February or something like that. Good luck, I know the waiting is the worst part. Well - the waiting and the discomfort... The good news is - he can't stay in there forever! :)

The Salazar Family said...

Sheila, I can't believe you're subbing right now!! =) And after all you've been through the past few days! Hang in there, we're thinking of you. I bet you'll have a quick delivery by how things sound! I think I was always negative cm with mine. Love you!!