Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 17, 2008


I had my ultrasound today and the tech told me it looks like there are a couple of stones in my gall bladder. I KNEW IT!!! HA!
Here's my original doctor's appointment when I was trying to convince my doctor it was my gall bladder:
Me:(Listing my symptoms)

Dr: Oh, you have food allergies (picture a foreign woman speaking broken english with an accent)

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't think so, it's with everything I EAT!

Dr: You have stomach problem. Yes, you take Zantac for problem. To heal.

Me: Uhhh, okayyyy, do you think it could be my gall bladder? I'm sick for like 5-10 hrs every time and then it goes away for a couple of days.

Dr: You throw up? You have allergy. This is not gall bladder problem (remember the accent) this is stomach problem. You take blood test for allergy, I prescribe Zantac for stomach.

Me: Okay, that sounds fine. But I really think it's my gall bladder, I want to request an ultrasound please.

Dr: Ok, we do ultrasound to rule out gall bladder, OK?

Me: Ok great thanks!

....honestly!!! Maybe I should look for a new doctor....

I have to just tell you that after I left the ultrasound place I was driving back to Kari's house (she was watching Justin for me, thanks sis!) and I couldn't help but be so grateful to the Lord for caring so much about me. The whole sequence of how things worked out through all of this is too perfect to have "just happened that way". Almost every time I was sick I had Jeff give me a blessing and so last week when we were at his parent's house and I got sick he did again. Only this blessing was different than others, or a phrase just really stood out to me more this time. This time he said that I would be healed "with time". I tried not to read into it too much and proceeded to curl up in my littlest ball and try and find a comfortable position. A couple hours later one of Jeff's cousins came in the room I was in and started talking to me about my symptoms and said, "That doesn't sound like heartburn, that sounds like gall bladder" From then on, and especially after Jeff and I went on WebMD, I KNEW it was my gall bladder. That lead to a doctor appointment and then the ultrasound. I am so grateful for the priesthood and for the love the Lord has for me.

So next thing is for my doctor to get the results (technically I'm not supposed to know that they found anything in there yet). You can't "pass" a gallstone, so I will update you on what happens when I talk to my doctor this week. Most likely they'll remove it though. YAY! THERE'S AN END IN SIGHT!!


Bryan and Ashley said...

I hope everything is okay!! Bry's parents have both had to have their gall bladders removed--so not fun!

Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

Oh you poor thing! that sounds terrible. So with all the healing from having a baby, you still are so sick! I'm so sorry! If I lived out there, I would come and give you a massage...even though I stink at it! Congrats on your home by the way. that is pretty cheap!

sherrie said...

i know how you feel about having to talk doctors into what you know and they should know cause they're the doctor right? frustrating. i'm glad you didn't back down. hope you feel better soon. let me know if you ever need anything!

The Salazar Family said...

I loved the conversation in your post! I could totally picture both you and the doctor - and it made me smile and laugh! Even though I know this isn't a funny thing, but I'm so glad that you know what's wrong. I definitely agree that the Spirit can tell us more than any doctor or other professional. Sometimes we can know things just because of the blessing of the gospel and having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. And thanks for your testimony in your post. Love you and hope everything goes well in the next little bit!

The Salazar Family said...

Oh, and I love your knew layout! So cute! =)

The Nelsons said...

OH SHEILA! I am sorry! I wish I was there so I could baby sit for you. I love you. Get better soon!

Paul and Emily said...

yowerz! don't 'ya just luv it when we have to come up with our own diagnosis?! atleast you were intune with the spirit, and intune with your body.

now atleast there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! we are more than willing to babysit (for free) and to help you with your upcoming move! lets us know how we can help!!!!!

Amy said...

love the new look of the blog!! good luck with everything. things will feel better after it's removed. it was so much fun hanging out tonight. too bad we weren't able to do it more often before we had to leave!

Justin & Kamie said...

Don't you just love the internet!! I heart Webmd. Way to take charge of your own body and not let the ESL doc tell you what they want to hear.

Good luck getting it taken care of.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you figured it out! Doesn't it seem like so many times Doctors don't listen to our intuition about our own or our children's bodies? It seems like that should count for something! Get better soon!

chris&heather said...

I am so sorry, ouch! Also, Ali Lund was wanting your e-mail, when you get a second, will you send it to me?

Take care!

HeidiAnn said...

Sheila, That post was HILARIOUS!! I mean, I really feel bad for you, but I could totally picture this woman talking to you. HA!! You told her! I hope it all goes away soon. Doesn't sound fun at all.