Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 22, 2008

All is well

Ok, so it's done! I no longer have a gall bladder! Surgery went fine and now I'm just on the road to recovery. My mom helped out yesterday which was a huge help for the boys and Kari is here today helping me out without her kids. Thanks Kristin for watching Kari's kids so she can come and watch my kids!!

I have three holes in my on my belly button, one right in the middle of chest/ribs and one on my right side below my boob. They all hurt today, but I think it's to be expected. It's not as bad as I had expected so that's good. I have yet to eat good fatty foods to see how they affect me, but I haven't even really wanted to eat anything. I'm just so thirsty! Anyways, I'll post pictures of my place once I take them this week, so check back. LOVE YOU ALL and thanks for your prayers.


The Salazar Family said...

So good to hear that "all is well"! You're such a trooper, having to do this so close after having a baby! I hope you keep getting better and it's all over with soon. Love you!

Kamie said...

Glad that everything went well! Hope your recover quickly so you can get back to enjoying your huge apartment with your new little one :)

Amy said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well! Keep up the recovery and don't work too hard!

Sarah said...

Oh good, I'm glad you are doing good (good enough to blog, anyway). I hope you heal quickly!

Amy Beatty said...

Oh my, I can't believe you just had surgery after having a baby. What a trooper. Your boys are so cute.