Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 24, 2008

College Town Apartment!

Here's our new place!

Living Room

Kitchen/Living Room

So here's our stove/oven...did you notice that's it's really a MINI STOVE?? It's really impossible to actually fit four pots on the stove at one time. In the oven there's just one rack, big enough for one 9x13 pan. We're scared to see if a Papa Murphy's pizza will even fit. I've heard it barely does, but I'm still scared to try!

Dining Room and bottom of the stairs
First room up the stairs is Justin's room. I decided that Jeff and I had quite a collection of pictures of Jesus that we were pretty much just storing under the bed. So we decided to decorate the boys' rooms with them.

He loves his little "nook" in the wall for his toys. It's right by two windows and he can see the trash truck when it comes I swear, that normal??

And then there's Jordan's room, tah dah! His very own crib that stays in the same place all day long! Jordan's room also serves as our storage since we lost our balcony storage unit that we loved at our old place. Like he'd know the difference though, right?

What's this?? A HALL! For the three bedrooms!

Here's our room , our bed pretty much takes up the entire room.

Ok, so here's the major bummer of the place. I can live with the small oven, when do I ever cook more than a 9x13 anyways...but this bathroom has gotta go! First of all, check out the sink...can you say 1920's? Luckily we have a mirror/medicine cabinet, but it really only shows from about my chin up unless I'm on my tippie-toes of course. You can literally only have one maybe one and a half (meaning 1 adult + 1 child) in here at one time unless you want to go crazy. Jeff and I figured that out quickly and now take turns getting ready for bed.

And who's ever heard of a bathroom without any drawers or cupboards?? Where am I supposed to store all this Costco toilet paper??? So the plastic bin drawers will have to do for now. You can always use those. It's seriously so crammed we couldn't open the door if the trash can was on the floor. Plus, it's upstairs.

But seriously, if the bathroom is the worst, I'll take it!

Here's three goofballs "sleeping" at nap time. Justin's such a great actor, he gets it from me. I am impressed with Kali and Zach though, cute little fakers.


Abby Hanson said...

Sheila, just catching up on your last couple of posts. I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you have some help while you recover! And I love the cute apartment. The bathroom reminds me of Wymount bathrooms. No cupboards there either. In fact, it looked almost exactly the same.

(Abby Boatright Hanson...I'm adding that so you know who I am! Because I can't remember if I've left a comment yet!!! I'm so glad you have a blog!)

HeidiAnn said...

Wow, it looks great and it looks like you got everything in its place really fast, especially for just having a baby and just having surgery. You are wonder woman I swear. So great! Miss you tons!

sherrie said...

i've never heard of a mini stove, that's hilarious. i hope papa murphy's will fit, that would be a tragedy!

Brynn said...

Ha...I read that Abby Hanson and got all excited that it was our Abby Hanson from Russia...I don't think it is though...:) I'm sure your great too, Abby Hanson that I don't know! Anyway, remember the stove in the head teacher apartment in Russia?? TEENY. That is why we ate bread and cheese and potatoes and watermelon every day. And that is why we lost weight. I guess it could be a good thing that you can't create culinary masterpieces...:) It would be for me... perhaps when we're looking for a house I need to look for one with a teeny oven.

Amy Beatty said...

You are quick. It looks so cozy. Our bathroom is just as small. And it only gets worse that we have two kids potty trained. We all fight over that small space. Now that you are all moved in, put your feet up and rest as much as a new born and toddler let you.

Kamie said...

Ummm. Who lost weight in Russia? Am I the only one who ballooned up and came home 20 pounds heavier?

I learned that I eat when depressed. LUCKILY haven't been depressed since :)

I also though that Abby Hanson was our Russian, bff. haha.

And that is one tiny bathroom. The mirror makes me laugh! :) But awesome that you got your three bedrooms!!

Paul and Emily said...

Wow! You made it look so comfy and livable! Its great that you have so much creativity to make the best of a small space!

Btw, we miss you in the ward. We hope you've recovered well, and that you are having fun with the boys! :)

The Salazar Family said...

Cute place, even though you have to brush your teeth one at a time. I'm sure it will make for good laughs later in life! =) But I'm glad you seem to be settling in ok. How are you feeling? I love that you and Kari are so close and cousins can be such good friends. So fun!

Oh and P.S. (from Christian) - we're ready to take you 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 whenever you're up for a good whoopin'. (And yes, I was honestly asked to post this for you!) haha =) Miss you guys!


Sheila, what a cute place. your bathroom sink reminds me of funny. it will work out great for your needs! I am glad that your surgery went well. take care. Hanna