Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 14, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well, we're all moved in (sigh). We had some plumbing set backs the day after we moved in. One day our tub just started filling up with water...not clean water...nasty, rusty, dirty, orangey/brown poop water that smelled so foul! We couldn't shower here for THREE DAYS! Luckily we haven't checked out of our old place yet so we've just been driving over there to shower everyday...what a pain!! The fix-it guy came and fixed it today, so life is good.

We are loving all the extra room that our new place has, and Jordan is finally in his very own crib, in his very own ROOM!! Hurray! Justin loves his new room and says, "I'm going up to my new room. My fun new room, see ya later!" It's great to feel right at home now that we're getting stuff organized.

I love that we have an upstairs, it makes everything feel bigger with two stories. We did have to cram some things in some pretty unconventional places, like for example our huge desk that used to be in our's in the living room. It looks very out of place and totally throws off the whole living room "vibe" that I love, but it's also pretty convenient to be able to check my email/blog in the same room that Justin is playing...or eating...or doing whatever he's doing all day long. I guess for now, our home will be more functional than fashionable. (It actually probably always will be that way though, I lack in the whole "home decor" area).

Anyways, pictures are to come as soon as I get everything all unpacked and put away.

OH! And I have my gall bladder surgery date finally! April 21st so be praying for me!


The Bjurstrom Family said...

glad to hear that you guys are settling in. I will think good thoughts about the surgery. I had mine done 6 weeks to the day of having my c-section with Brianna, so I felt like I was hit by a truck. Hopefully you won't feel so bad. Please let me know if you need anything!!!!!!


Yea, all moved in! i need your email address to send you an invite to our blog. email me.

take care and good luck with things.

The Salazar Family said...

I'm glad you're in your new place and liking all of it's new features! =) I'm like you with the practical decor and arrangement of my house. It's much easier to let two little munchkins run around that way. And your second will be running around sooner than you know it! Man, you guys need to visit so I can meet the little guy. I'm just glad I've had a chance to meet Justin. Good luck with your surgery! We love you and will be praying for you!

SuzyO said...

Shelia! I just found your blog! I'm so glad to know things are going well!

You can find us at

Your children are soooo cute!

Paul and Emily said...

Hi, Sheila!

Thats so cute how Justin is thrilled about his new space! We hope unpacking and finding a place for everything goes well. Sorry about your upcoming surgery. We'll pray that you'll have a speedy recovery! And that you'll be feeling better than your best soon!

Love, the Rawlins Family

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new place! Good thing the tub is fixed now.
My dad does gallbladder surgeries all the time. Hopefully it won't be too bad. We'll pray for you!

Katie said...

Oh, you must be so glad to be be moved in! I am looking forward to seeing pictures!
We'll be thinking of you on the
21st. Sure hope it all goes well!

HeidiAnn said...

GOOD LUCK WITH THE SURGERY TOMORROW!!!!! You'll be in my prayers!