Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 8, 2008

Fun in the Sun and Bag Tag

Here are my boys, Jeff had a BBQ with his PT program last weekend and it was such a great day! One of the ladies in his program took Justin to the big playground for over an hour and Jeff and I got to play in some pretty competitive volleyball games...We were 1 for 2, not too bad. It was seriously fun.

Then yesterday Kari came with her kids and we took them to Fairytale Town. Another great day.
Here's what Jordan did the whole day that we were yi yi

This is a lot of what Fairytale Town is, fun big slides and tunnels and animals.
OOOOH! Here's my best moment of the week:
A lady in Jeff's program must love us. She gave us this double jogging stroller and I'm obsessed! Today I took the boys for a walk by the river and we wound up having lunch with some ducks. Justin threw rocks and sticks in the river for about an hour. It's great now that we live so close to the American river.
AND finally, Here is my BAG TAG from Amy:
Here's my Diaper bag/purse. It's from Target, I saw it in a baby magazine and fell in love. Then I saw it was 20 bucks from Target and MADE Jeff drive me over there. They only had it in brown? maybe green, anyways, not red so I called Kari in Lincoln to see if her Target had it and it did!! AND it was on sale for like 10 bucks I think!

Ok for the contents:
3 Jordan's diapers
2 Justin's diapers (gotta get this kid potty trained)
Pacifer IN the case...yesss!
Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer
Coconut Lime Verbena lotion
Sunscreen for Kids
Baby brush
Bulb syringe
toy car
Extra outfit for Jordan
baby spoon
2 pens (only 1 actually writes)
A&D diaper rash creme (works best on Jordan)
Desitin diaper rash creme (works best on Justin)
Wipes case with wipes actually in it!
2 Burts chapsticks with sparkles from my mom
1 softlips vanilla chapstick also from my mom (she must love me)
1 marykay signature lip gloss
nail file
adult nail clippers
kids nail clippers
hair tie
hair clip
ostrich animal
a spoiler to one of Justin's race cars
old grocery list
changing pad
WIC folder
JC Penny Portraits reciept and print out of picts.
a letter from jeff's mom
2 check book transaction registers (why do I have 2?? who knows, I don't even use these, I should, I know)
Justin's "credit card" must come with us into the stores so he can "buy stuff" too
green 3x5 card from last sunday's RS lesson
Grape Koolaid (given to me by my good friend Becky to make homemade popcicles)
pile of crumbs from the bottom of the bag

Seriously though, it's not too bad, I'm pretty impressed with myself! This was fun for me, I can't believe there were no snacks or sippy cups in it, it must be time to go to the store.
SO now I bag tag Heidi, Kari, and Angela


The Howards said...

Ihave the same bag! ididn't know you can pack that much stuff in it! I gotta load mine up better! What cute kids you have! And you are looking great too! I should get one of those jogging strollers. Maybe when school is out. It's fun to peek in you every now and then and keep in touch. It sounds like you are in a really great place and area!

Tim & Rachelle said...

You GO girl! I'm impressed. I love your blog and your family. Say hi to everyone for me.

Amy Beatty said...

I always wanted a double jogger. A lunch with the ducks- does life get any better than that?

The Brandon Biz said...

Hey Shiela-
I got your message....sorry I was in Utah for BYU graduation and then I was gone last week for my sister's wedding. We would love to have you guys over to our house sometime soon. Wish we could have been in the ward together again. Our blog is if you want to check it out. Talk to you soon! -Shelly

The Clarkson Family said...

Cute diaper bag! What a great deal! How fun you took your kids to fairytale land with cousins! It's so cool you guys live so close to each other and hang out. Your jogging stroller looks like tons of fun. What a nice lady in your ward! Lucky!

The Hockmans said...

Hey girl it looks like summertime weather is in store this week, wanna hang out at the park in folsom on thursday, I will be in town this week, common lets play! Or if thursday doesn't work out lek me know a day where we can get together, yeah baby! Give me a call or e-mail me or something, I tried you cell but to no avail. See ya!

The Altamirano's said...

Hey you! How are you these days? Your new place looks great. Hey, Dan just mentioned to me that he just remembered a message that you left for me...but he can't remember when it was, which makes me think it was a while ago. Anyway...just got it. =) He's a nerd. Anyway... you look amazing! Hope is well. Call me whenever you get a chance and we'll catch up.

Katie said...

Fairy tale town sounds so fun! Cute bag from Target! I love the bag tag... and I share the pile of crumbs at the bottom of the bag. No matter how hard I try to aviod that, its no use!

Kari said...

LOVE THE BAG and especially the contents!!! The RS 3x5 card is hillarious, and the old grocery list is so typical of me, too. Your little baby is not so baby anymore! He looks like Jeff! I'm so happy you got your little seat! Love when blessings work like that! You look AWESOME. Didn't you just have a baby???

Anonymous said...

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