Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 15, 2008

4th of July Pics (in no order at all...)

Here are the 4th of July pictures I meant to post. The old firetruck is my dad's and we decorated it for a parade. Justin loved riding in the front. My mom and Jordan were in a kazoo band and it was so cute. After a pancake breakfast and parade we headed up to Tahoe for the day. We went to the beach and saved our primo "spot" in the grass for the fireworks which were fantastic. The kids pretty much all ran around crazy for the day and I got a few shots of the football games. I think Justin did more tackling and tripping than any actual football, but Kali is a natural!!

Little Madelyn is under that blanket in the baby bjorn, she's still so tiny!!


Megan said...

I love the blog redo! And I think I have the same bathing suit as you. I could only see the it from Target? Tankini with brown and orangish? I love it!


so cute! looks like your family is doing so great.

Shanda said...

I loved the picture of you and Jeff at the end, and all of the ones of little Jordan! I can't believe he's already 6 months old! CRAZY!