Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 11, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday

to my good friend Annie Osmond!!

I'm so sad I forgot to call you Annie, I hope that you had a super great birthday. Annie is one of my great friends in Utah who I know I will always be good friends with. We both just finished potty training our boys together (and although I'm sure her 10 mo. daughter Jaynie probably has many boys betrothed to her, Jeff and I both know that she will wind up in the end with Justin! ...or she could even be Jordan's sugar mamma!!) It's always so nice to talk to Annie, I think we were good friends in the pre-existence because we think a lot alike down here. And during those "rough" days she always lifts me up cause she's going through them with me. She always says the right thing to get me to the next day! Love you girl! Happy Birthday!


Scott & Annie said...

OH MY GOSH! Here I am sluggishly checking blogs and I see this wonderful post to me!!! Thank you Sheila, I love you! What would I do without you? You are the best friend that tells me like it is when I need it most! Thank you for everything.

The Salazar Family said...

What a good friend. Sounds like Kayla has some competition! =)