Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 30, 2008

Endin up Summer, rollin into fall

I forgot to mention that Justin made HIS first pie before I made mine! (his tasted better)

Riding the quads at Grandma and Grandpa Stacy's
Jordan on Madelyn's blessing day

This weekend we decided to hit up the local park for a family night to play some catch and to let the boys play at the playground. The weather was superb!

I can't believe that Justin was this age when we moved here to Sac...crazy crazy crazy.
He had to hold the baseball the entire time. In this case, the glove as well.

He's such a big boy now!


HeidiAnn said...

Your boys are SO DANG CUTE!! I love how proud Justin looks in his picture, and I cannot believe how big Jordan has gotten. It seems like you just had him!

Jessica said...

They are so cute!

Bryan and Ashley said...

Your boys are so darn cute!!! How fun to have two boys, close in age!

Kristin Jones said...

The summer can't end!!!!! The boys are darling as always!

The Howards said...

Such cute boys and great ages! Where does Jordan's red hair come from? I love it! Congrats on making your pie, you little domestic diva!! I have not dared to try that one! Hope all is well!

Kristy said...

your kids are so darling! I'ts amazing how fast they grow up.
I remember reading a message from you and can't remember if it was on my blog or in email. Anyway, I jsut can't seem to keep up posting comments and I really did check out your blog weeks ago. You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for contacting me. It will be fun to keep up reading each other's blog.

Angela said...

It's so funny, Justin is going to be a total baseball player/fan! What a cutie. I love the little picture of Jordan laying on the ground... he's such a sweet guy. Miss you guys! How's the loser thing going? =)