Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 27, 2008

8 things...

Ok, I've been tagged now by two people for this, so Kristin and Adrienne, here ya go!

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. So You Think You Can Dance
2. Wheel of Fortune
3. American Idol
4. Bachelor / Bachelorette - Anyone know when the next one starts??
5. I USED to watch America's Next Top Model but decided it's more for me.
6. If I'm bored I'll turn on Dancing with the Stars, but I think their outfits are bit riskae...
7. The World Series
8. NFL on NBC

(Honestly, those last 4 are stretching it. Lately we really haven't had the TV on and it's been really nice. Jeff and I talk and actually interact a lot more...much better! I haven't watched Dancing with the Stars for a month, and the last two are all that have been on our TV lately (obviously b/c of Jeff) I do a fantasy league with Jeff and his family where you pick which NFL team you think will win for the week and you rank them with points. SO when your team wins you get points for them. It's actually got me more interested in the outcome of the games and last year I won third place and got a Bronze medal in my fantasy trophy chest!!!)

8 Things that Happened to me Yesterday:
1. Got up actually ON TIME to shower, get the kids ready, eat breakfast and be ready to leave 1/2 hour before church begins so we can drive to downtown Sac and pick up the girl I visit teach.
2. I'm trying to re-activate this girl, so when I called her to see if she was ready as we were headed out the door she was unfortunately sick...again...maybe next week. Which made us Early to CHURCH for the FIRST TIME in a long time!
3. As the first counselor in the Primary, I'm in charge of our ward's primary program (Nov 9) so I lead the kids as we practiced for the Sacrament program.
4. I got invited to a very good friend's for dinner!! WAHOO! Especially since our fridge is very bare.
5. Took a nap!
6. Had dinner at my friend's house, and an ice cream cone on a sugar cone...yumm!
7. Sat and talked to Jeff while HE did the dishes! Thanks baby!
8. Had another discussion with Jeff about "the future"...yeah, so I think I'm gonna let this one rest for a while and just let him do his thing...I HATE NOT BEING IN CONTROL!!!!!!

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. PF Changs
2. Wingers
3. Chevys
4. Olive Garden
5. My mom's house
6. Leatherbys
7. Costa Vida
8. Training Table

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Jeff coming home one day and telling me he's got a job!
2. Jeff's graduation December 20 8:30am Arco Arena!
3. Making money instead of borrowing it.
4. Paying off our student loans.
5. Saving money
6. Buying a house
7. Heidi, Amber, Brooke and Kelli having their babies!!
8. The HOLIDAYS!! (I'm with you Kristin) Especially Day after Thanksgiving Sales!!!

8 Things on my wish list:
1. Justin to start napping again.
2. Medela Pump in Style double pumper...I borrowed one for a couple of weeks...amazing!
3. Finish all my projects I've started...stockings, games, Christmas presents...
5. Prop 8 to pass, its a big deal.
7. Another car just so I can go to the stupid grocery store if I need to while Jeff's at work!
8. A faster computer

8 People I Tag:
1. Amber
2. Heidi
3. Kristin J
4. Angela
5. Annie
6. Lisa
7. Janese


Amber Brown said...

Thanks for tagging me!!!! I don't know that I've ever been tagged before......or if I have..I haven't really paid attention....

Ben, Telia and Aeden said...

What a fun life. You are always so up-beat. That's what I love about you. Thanks for sharing your "8 things."

Hupp Family said...

How fun! It's fun to learn more about you even though we are far away.

Kari said...

Okay, so I guess I should actually follow through with being tagged by Kristin too so you and Kelli and whoever else don't make me look bad. I'm so bad at these things. Thanks for sharing yours and for alwasy being soooo positive!! That's what I love about you!! I look foward to hanging out this weekend!! Love you!!

Angela said...

Go Primary Programs! Ours is the same day... though I'll be leading the music. It's so exciting to hear Jeff's graduation date and that you guys will be looking for (or have) a job soon!! It's seriously so close now! Las Vegas here you come! =)