Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 8, 2008

Old Mc Donald Had A Farm, E-I-E-I-O

And on that farm he had a HORSE, E-I-E-I-Oooooooooooooo.

Justin is OBSESSED with horses. He will watch (over and over) ANY movie if it has a horsie in it. Like right now, Cinderella is his favorite. (pulls the carriage, one lives at the house...etc) The only books he reads are books with pictures of horses, and he is having a Horse B-day party this year.

Our neighbor just brought over one of those bouncey horses (on loan) with the springs that you can ride and you should see this kid...talking to it, petting it...I really think he thinks it's real!! His imagination has totally blossomed over the past three months or so and it's so much fun to watch him. Tonight he was going upstairs to get an old strap to a bag to use it as the horse's he was leaving he pet the top of the horses nose and told him, "Stay right here horsie, I'll be right back." Walked a few feet, turned around and while putting his hand up says, "Okay? Okay horsie? I'll be right back, STAY RIGHT HERE!"

The stories go on and on. He brings his little plastic horse "Black Beauty" and his "white horsey" (a zebra) everywhere we go and has perfected all the noises a horse can make. I think he does it pretty much as loud as a real horse would do it too... Jordan's not too much of a fan of Justin's horsey impressions.

Oh yeah, so the purpose of all this? We went and visited Jeff's Uncle Jim and Aunt Chris over the weekend. YES, they have HORSES!!! LOTS OF THEM! and WE GOT TO RIDE ONE! Justin was in heaven to say the least. What a funny kid!

Oh yeah, and one more thing, Jeff decided that since I could make a pie, so could he. AND he had to show me up and have his look way better!! I was so proud of him and his yummy pie (so what if we had to pour out the liquid) it tasted great and the presentation was great!


Kari said...

I love that kid!! Love the horsey stories too!! How fun that he got to ride a real one!!! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend and Jeff had a good birthday!! Can't wait for Justin's Horsey Birthday!I can't beleive he's turning 3!! Where did those 3 years go??

Kristin Jones said...

Isn't it so funny what they love so much?? Alexis is all about the princesses right now and she cannot get enough! And 3?? Holy smokes!

Julie said...

I started to tear up when I saw Jordan in my dad's arms. I'm so jealous that you were over there. It looks like you had fun. I hear that Kyle and Amy's little Tanner is totally obsessed with horses lately, too. My big girls flipped out when they heard my mom gave Tanner a horse Webkin for his birthday. Ashlyn said, "How's a 2year old gonna play on the computer with a webkin?" I had to break the news that he just thought it was a cool stuffed horse. She said, "What a waste."

Amy said...

When I started reading it, I thought to myself, They need to go to Jim and Chris's. So I'm glad you did! Your boys are too cute!

The Hockmans said...

Oh my gosh, Honey is so into horses too, infact she is going to be a unicorn for halloween, the "pink horse". She neighs for everything too. Just running and neighing all day, so funny, and loud too. Glad she's not the only one, ha ha have fun. So cute by the way.

HeidiAnn said...

I was cracking up picturing Justin walking around scaring Jordan with his loud horse noises and talking to his "real" horsey. SO CUTE!! I love it! I also think its great that Jeff made a pie too. I can just see the face you probably made at him when his looked so pretty. :o) I miss you Sheila!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Brian thinks that Jordon is the cutest kid in the whole world, just so you know.

I don't think you should let your husband bake a pie when you're still an ameteur pie-maker. You should get in some practice so that there is absolutely no way his could be better than yours. (I don't have to worry about that because no matter how bad my pies turn out, there REALLY is no way Brian could make one better.)

The Clarkson Family said...

Okay, your hubby made a pie??? Have you died and gone to Heaven?? How cool is that! Justin is so cute! Don't you love kid's imaginations? My 3 year old thinks he's the real spiderman. Everything he grabs gets a "web" sound effect attached to it ...what is it with boys and sound effects? It's hilarious!

The Nelsons said...

okay so i love the pics. I love Jordan's belly and I love how you rode too. That is so fun. Jeff's pie looks GREAT! I want some.