Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 5, 2008

Crunchy Leaves Project

So, most all of you know that I was an elementary teacher before I had kids. I really didn't do much art with my students, there wasn't really time for it. But if we could find a way to make something fun we did...alot! If I didn't have to do all that curriculum we really could have had some fun!

Well, I have been waiting for 3 years for Justin to get to the point where he ENJOYS doing FUN projects. AND WE ARE FINALLY THERE!! I have to attribute this to preschool though. In August I tried doing some watercolors with Justin and about 30 seconds into it, he was done...that was fun. But in September he started preschool and we've had a HUGE turnaround! He loves doing fun projects with me now and they last sometimes close to 45 min!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

About two weeks ago I found this idea on some blog or website...I really don't remember, and decided Justin would like it.

So one day we went "hunting for leaves". We got a huge bag full of the perfect hand-picked-off- the-ground leaves and let them sit till they were crunchy.

We checked them today...and THEY WERE CRUNCHY!

So today, this is what we did!
1) Crunch up your leaves in a bowl.
2) Get out your Elmers..
...and design the perfect picture.

...of course he wanted a horsey, when will I EVER get good at drawing these?
3) Sprinkle your crushed leaves over your glue picture.
4) Shake off the excess leaves and voila!! A beautiful fall picture! We practiced some letters too along with our pictures.

Oh, and yes, Justin is still in his jammies. We decided to wait on clothes until after the glue! (reality...I am still in my sweats and it's 2:42 pm. I'm about to go take a shower while Justin is in his room...not napping, again. Although he and Jordan are both dressed for the day.)


Alena said...

Fun project! I'm writing down all the fun stuff you do so that I can remember them when my little guy is old enough for projects. No worries about not being dressed. Sometimes it's 4:00 before I get to the shower.

Danny Janessa, and Allan said...

What a cute cheap project!

Hupp Family said...

Londyn did this in pre-school. She loved it! You are such a fun mom!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Cute idea!!! We'll have to try it!

Megan said...

I love that idea! Now I'm sad that we live in AZ and can only find dead, dry rocks. :( And tumbleweeds!

sherrie said...

what a cute mom you are!

Jessica said...


Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping.
This is a great project.

Jess and Jenn said...

This is so cute!! You are a great MOM!!

Hobbs Family said...

Very cute idea. How creative are you?!!