Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 22, 2008

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I've entered a new world of blog giveaways and LOVE's really quite addictive and without self control can get a little out-of-hand. I have my favorites that I go to frequently and enter their amazing giveaways and guess what? Yes, I WON some pretty great stuff!!

First off, I won a free INKUBOOK ($69.95)from The Giveaway (button on my sidebar). I was totally beside myself that I actually won! I have yet to make my book, but that's b/c I'm trying to get a new computer that will let me download the program. Thanks Katie Lyons for that one!! Go to to check it out.

Second, I won 100 dollar gift card to Burlington Coat Factory!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! A HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!! FREE! So the idea was to see just how far your hundred dollars can go at Burlington and believe me, it really stretches there!! Jeff and I got a sitter and decided to go and spend our new money! So here's what we got...

Baseball bat...of course

Cute touch and feel book, it's actually one of those BIG books, really cute.

Something we've really needed but when never pan down for...a crib mattress pad. I'm sad we waited so long, it really makes a difference.

THREE cute cute pairs of earrings for me! I love them and actually had to put three others back. It was really hard to choose. I'm always coming here for my earrings from now on.

New work shoes for Jeff...Sketchers, so comfy and just $30!

Two shirts and ties for Justin for church. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for ties for Justin and was about to pay $7.99 at The Children's Place for one tie. These were $7.99 for a shirt plus the tie and again, there were so many to choose from, we put three back that we liked.

I've been needing some cute black shirts. Jeff picked out the top one, and it was $10.99. I got the bottom one for $7.99 and you can't tell how cute it is here, but it's really cute.
It was seriously so much fun and we can't believe that this was all really for free (for us) and all just $100! We got to pay it forward and got the bat and book for a kid in a family that might not have much this Christmas season. Thanks so much Jenny at for the amazing giveaway and chance to pay it forward. We really needed this stuff and couldn't have done it without you!

I won a free TOOBEEZ construction set ($99) in a giveaway at!!!
Check these out, they're awesome!!!

I haven't gotten it yet in the mail, but am very anxious to try this out with Justin. Thanks Mamanista!!! I'm so excited!!


Kristin Jones said...

You lucky girl!! I never win anything!!! :) How are you finding all these sites!?

Jess and Jenn said...

Heck yeah!! That is so awesome, it is the best to win stuff!!

Kristin said...

Way to Go! That is so awesome for you guys! Congratulations! Congrats to Jeff on graduating too! That is super exciting! Hope to see you soon! Merry Christmas!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

When you go to some of the sites, they will direct you to I swear hundreds of others that are giving away free stuff.

Angela said...

Shoot, who needs Jeff to work when you got Sheila winnin' everything to meet her own families needs and then some!

haha, I can't believe that!! That is SOOO AWESOME! I'm looking into this contest thing right now.

Oh, and we have to talk about your trip to Vegas!! I'm so excited!!!!

Justin & Kamie said...

That is so awesome! I love that top black shirt with the buttons. So cute!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You are so funny! I love how you cataloged everything you got from Burlington Coat factory like that. I got a gift card for that store from my grandma for Christmas, so now I'm excited to use it!