Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 13, 2009

We're in Utah till Friday

Hello friends and family!

We're in Utah right now until this Friday and don't have a lot of your phone numbers but would love to see many of you. This trip is just for fun, we're staying in Orem, and would love to hang out. SO, since I probably won't get on the internet again, if you are here, CALL OUR CELL!! Wednesday is our only day that is gone, so we'd love to catch-up with you!!


Kamie said...

CRAP! I just got internet at my house and barely got your email last night (Wednesday) and had stuff planned already for Thursday :( That makes me so sad because I would have LOVED to see you and meet your cute kiddies! Next time you are in Utah let me know and I will make sure we can get together! (also, my number is 801-735-3110 if you ever make a quick trip again).

Hupp Family said...

I'm so sad! I have been sooo behind on the blog stuff. We would have love to have met up with you guys somewhere! Hopefully next time or when we are in your neighborhood (August)

Sarah Scott said...

I'm so gosh darn mad that I missed you since you weren't far from us. I would have loved to see you guys! Please let us know next time you're in Utah so we can get together.
Miss you,

SS said...

HI, sorry I'm such a loser and never check peoples blogs. Looks like you got a lot of that for your trip out. DANG IT! Next time, and here's my number, if ever again... 801-836-1116. LOVE YOU!!