Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 11, 2009

Need a little motivation

I'm really in need of some help right now. Many of you don't know what I've been doing for the past 5 weeks. A while back my good friend Angela won a biggest looser competition winning somewhere around 500 big ones. GO ANG! After her experience she had a lot of friends/family showing interest in doing another competition. SO, she decided to sit this one out and be the mediator for a new competition. I really wanted to join, but after talking to Jeff about it, the 20 bucks to join was kinda the stopping factor. I decided to just do it with them and hope I lost a few pounds.

Well, my fabulous brother Mark, being the "investor" that he is decided to take a chance on his competitive sister and front me the 20 bucks with the agreement that should I win, I pay him 40 and double his money!! DEAL!

So 5 weeks ago I was IN and I began to actually watch what I ate, counting calories and exercising...and go figure, I was loosing weight!! Well, I've been slow and steady so far in the competition and am now holding the second place spot three weeks in a row. It's a percentage of total body weight loss thing just like the biggest looser competition on TV. So far the girl in first has lost 10.56% and I have lost 9.38%. The 3rd place person is 8.09% the 4th 7.55% and 5th 7.04%. So I'm doing really well. Unfortunately from week to week the results can change drastically if I don't loose. I'm so scared that I'm going to hit a plateau...I can't do that!

SO I'M WRITING FOR YOUR HELP!! I need to stay motivated and need any and all of your craving stopper tricks, what snacks you eat when you don't want to ruin your day, what is your favorite exercise (without going to a gym...I'm poor, remember??) and help me stay motivated so I can KICK THIS GIRL'S TRASH and win somewhere around $500 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I can do this if I just put my mind to it. My goal is to loose 3 lbs a week for the last three weeks! I HAVE TO DO THIS!! Wish me luck! Oh, and if I win my BFF from BYU and maid of honor Heidi promised she would come and visit me this summer with her two kids!


The Rawlins Fam said...

WOW! You go girl! You can do it!

What can you see yourself wearing when you win???

Is there any physical place you'd like to go, that take physical energy to take you there? (A mountain top, a kayaking trip, the finish line of a marathon???) Anyhow, just envision getting there and how it will feel can help out a lot!

Print pics of your prize, and place them everywhere!!!

Remember to carry a water bottle around wherever you go and sip, sip, sip, all day long!

Frozen grapes are good. (Don't cut any frozen strawberries!) Or munch on whole wheat breadsticks, or almonds. Do you ever drink protein shakes, or smoothies??? Having a power smoothie or drink in the morning has always helped me out.

On a non-rainy day you need to take your two munchkins on some serious walks. Do you have a double jogger?

Play energizing music, be silly and goofy and dance or move to the beat as much as possible!!! Make it fun!

Sheesh, I guess I'm just super excited for you and about fitness. (I can't wait to have our baby so I can kick my flabby butte into gear!)

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

So... 500 bucks, good friends coming for a visit, that is all pretty good motivation!! Trevor and I try to eat a high protein low sugar cold cereal when we are in the mood to snack! It works ok... smoothies are also good... hm.. as for exercise... I like to jog or ride my bike go for a walk or a hike.. or a swim but that costs money... see if anyone has some good exercise videos you can borrow.. (norene??) good luck.. I'm rooting for you!!

The Fishers said...

Go Sheila!! You rock. Exercise with friends, that always helps me. Recruit people to do it with you. I once upon a time did Turbo Jam and I liked it. They have a meal plan to follow. If you want, I could let you borrow it all. Good luck. I want pictures!!!

Eliza said...

Guess what time it is??? IT'S SHEILA AND ELIZA TIME!!! (enter Rocky theme here) You can do it!!! Just keep thinking of all the people who are rooting for you -- at least all the way from Boston!

Amy Beatty said...

This all sounds so amazing. I have dreamed about gaining weight just to do one. They seem soo fun to me. But as I can now see take a lot of work. I KNOW you can do it though. I'm so excited for you. I want to see before and after pictures.Good Luck!!!

Ryan and Adrienne Johnson said...

You can do it Sheila! I really like Luna bars, they're nutritious but also have some sweetness and are good when you're craving sugar. I also love Shape magazine, all the workouts are great and when I stick to them I really notice results. Eat lots of veggies and some fruit, and whole grains, white flour has no nutritional value. I'm sure you know all this already!

HeidiAnn said...

I made it on your blog! YES!! Seriously you are going to kick Rexy's tush. :o) Uh, maybe you might want to delete this comment in case she looks at this blog?? :o) ha!

Kristy said...

first a recipe to fill you up and keep you from getting the munchies:

Berry Smoothie
2 Tbsp. vanilla protein powder
3/4 cup blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries (make sure they are cold)
1/2 cup water
ice cubes
1 tsp. splenda or sugar
1 tsp. lemon juice

Start with refrigerator cold ingredients for thicker smoothie, blend in blender until smooth. Or substitute 1 banana for berries.

1. visit: where you can look up the nutrition information on just about anything.

good luck! what a great contest.

Katie said...

Way to go Sheila!!
We like Kashi Bars! They are low in sugar and high in fiber.
Frozen dark cherries with a little cool whip is a dessert that is high in fiber and low in calories.

You are awesome... are you going to show us a before and after???

Megan said...

I just posted this on a forum I belong to...we were all sharing our weight loss "tricks" here's a long one:

I am super anti-diet, because you may actually lose the weight, but you will for sure gain it back, and then some. The best way to lose weight is the hardest way. As much as I hate to admit it, healthy eating and excercise are the way to's just so hard to do! And it's much easier for a man to say that - they aren't hormonal eaters! After David the weight was the hardest to lose. But here are my tips that work for me(keep in mind that this is geared toward my tastes and cravings, so it needs to be modified for you).

-Smaller portions - especially at dinnertime. I like to fill my plate with vegetables first(when I'm starving). Then, after I finish that, I go back for the main course. By then I'm not so hungry and will serve myself a smaller amount. Smaller plates help too.

-Keep a stash of filling but healthy snacks and snack often! The more often you eat, the higher your metabolism. Sounds crazy but it's totally true. I lost 3 pounds over Christmas because there was always food around the house, so I ate all throughout the day, instead of binge-ing at mealtime. And none of the food I ate was healthy! My snacks are string cheese, almonds, and craisins.

-Decide what you're going to eat the night before - when you're not hungry. You can even do the prep the night before. For example, if you want to have a salad, you can cut up all of the vegetables the night before, then everything is ready for you, and you won't make unhealthy choices just because you're hungry.

-Don't keep sweets in the house...if you don't have them, you can't eat them! Also, don't ever go grocery shopping when you're hungry. You'll buy the most fattening, sweet, and carb loaded foods ever. Bad for the budget too!

-Find a low cal, low fat treat that you can keep in your house without overdosing on a craving binge. Because we girls are hormonal eaters - you know those cravings are going to hit. Be prepared! My treat is Stephens mint truffle hot cocoa. It fills my tummy and I don't even need the full amount of powder to the full amount of water. It fulfills my sweet craving, and chocolate craving! If the low cal/low fat treat doesn't work, find something that you love, and package small amounts into sandwich bags. Then, when the craving hits, grab a bag and get as far from the kitchen as possible - that way you're controlling how much you consume. And it's ok to treat yourself sometimes!

And the hardest weight loss trick - excersize! Yuck! As much as I hate to admit it, it works! Ian's cousin just lost 80 lbs by eating healthy and excersizing.

When you're excercising, you need to understand that you cannot "target" fat loss. For example, doing 500 crunches but nothing else won't give you a flat tummy. You need to excercise your whole body to lose fat, and once the fat is gone, all of those crunches will give you a nice washboard tummy. Your legs and back are your largest muscle groups...and muscle burns fat, so the more you have, the more you work those legs and your back(don't worry, you won't have a super macho bulky back), but make sure that you're working your arms, chest, and abs, and ending your work out with cardio - it's more beneficial to do it at the end of your workout and only use it as a warm up at the beginning.

I hope some of this helps...good luck Sheila - you're so awesome, I know you'll do great!
Good luck!

The Nelsons said...

Sheila, I LOVE that you are doing this. It sounds like so much fun. Sadly, exercising and working out are my life. I love it. When I need a snack i really enjoy eating the apple cinnamon rice cakes and the jello, sugar free 60 calorie puddings. Also, every morning i start my day with the quacker weight control cinnamon instant cereal. I know you can do it. I can not even imagine you not. As far as exercising do lots of jumping and lunges (you know all of those good things that we all love to do =). I figure that the things that i hate doing the most are the ones that i propably need to do. GOOD LUCK GIRLIE!

Scott & Annie said...

Sheila you're awesome! I think you are doing so great. I get up and run a few miles before the kids get up, but I don't have eating tips. I think you're for sure going to give your brother his return! Good luck!!

Hupp Family said...

OK, I have lost 27 pounds in the last four months so listen up. Meth. TOTALLY KIDDING!!!! Here's what I did. I threw away all of our dinner plates & exchanged them for salad plates. Make sure you are taking vitamins. Drink a glass of warm water before you eat. Exercise (I hate it!!!) Look for every opportunity to walk or exercise. Park far away when you park at shops (walmart, ect.) this makes you walk more. If you have an ipod or iphone, there is a program called 'Lose it".It costs .99 cents to download. It tracks all your calories, nutrient intake & exercise for you. You set up a goal & it will monitor everything for you & let you know how many calories you can still intake for the day or how much exercise you need to get it back under. Does that make sense? Good luck!!

Jess and Jenn said...

YOU GO GIRL!! You are going to do great! I like to crank up the music with Logan and just dance and jump around(w/o anybody else there because I know I look ridiculous..ha),it really gets me sweatin' though! And drink lots of WATER! KEEP IT UP:)

Amber Brown said...

YOU ARE AMAZING for two reasons--number 1--you have lost like 10% body fat and obviously have done a stellar job giving up all the things that I can't seem to give up--you're beating out tons of other people that are similarly dedicated (and crazy)good job!! and 2--just the fact that you had to discuss with Jeff whether to spend the $20 and decided it wasn't the best are a shining example of budgetary restraint--I can't imagine getting through grad school with two kids!!!! If you win I'm so going to beg heidi to let me come out to visit this summer when she does :)

Amber Brown said...

oh yeah, advice...RUN!! I'm in the best shape of my life when I other exercise does much for me...if you hate it while you're doing it maybe it will make a difference :)

Angela said...

Sheila, I was just as sad as you when I calculated the numbers this week (or almost as sad). You were so close!! But as I told you, I never won a single week. Always second, until that final weigh in. You can do it girl! You're so close! Just do your best not to cave, and eat filling, low calorie things, like eggs and fruits and veggies. What's 2 weeks, right? I wish I could vow to make that same trip for a visit... I'm afraid I'll either have my belly, or my arms a little too full this summer (depending on when she plans on coming).

Jessica said...

You should follow the recipes in the South Beach diet book. They are SO good and healthy! If you have a Costco membership go and get heathly and filling. You can throw tons of veggies and a lean protein with a piece of wheat toast. Spray butter is great on veggies and and fat or calories. Tiny pieces of dark chocolate for sugar cravings.

good luck!!!!!

Ben, Telia and Aeden said...

You can do it!! You are always the motivator and just the one who will make it through. You will win. Just remember that it is not much longer and just think about how hot you will look and feel. And think of all the fun you could have it you win the money! Great job on all your hard work so far. It is very inspiring.

The Rawlins Fam said...

I tried calling a few times this week, just to say hello and see how you are doing! Sorry I missed 'ya! I hope you are out there being active, getting fit, and most of all... HAVING FUN!