Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 25, 2009

You might want to know the standings

Some of you have been wanting an update on the"standings" for my biggest looser competition. It's not good, but it's not bad. So I'm STILL in 2nd...but only by ONE POUND! I have to loose just ONE more pound than she does this last week and I WILL WIN! So, who knows how much she will loose this week, I just have to loose one more than I have to take drastic measures!!

Her total percentage lost: 14.44%
My total percentage lost: 13.75%

So now you can see how close this is. Thanks so much for all your supportive comments on my last post, it really did help me and make me more motivated knowing so many of you care...LOVE YOU!!

Next Tuesday is my final weigh in...think skinny thoughts for me!!

(funny story, real quick) The other night I got into bed and Jeff and I were getting ready to read our scriptures together. He looks at me and says, "Sheila, did you work out today?" Sheepishly I confess, "no" He grabbed the book from me, made me get out of bed, and helped me get a good 30 min workout before I went to sleep. Thanks for all your support you!


The Fishers said...

You can do it, you can do it!!!
P.s. I want an update on Jeff's job hunt?

Kari said...

Sheila you're awesome!!! Keep up the good work!! I'm sending skinny vibes your way!! Love you!!

Angela said...

I hope "drastic measures" aren't too drastic. I don't want to be accepting the prize for you next week! =) Actually I do... Anyway, I'm so anxious to see how it turns out. I know Crystal is a little peeved that she's not further ahead, and just wishes you would eat a donut or two already. Neither of you are letting down and it is truly going to come down to that last pound... it's so intense, this should be recorded!! =) Good luck, you know I'm rooting for you!

Amber Brown said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I KNOW YOU CAN!!! YOU ARE SO HOT AND AWESOME!!! And even if somehow that other chick wins you just worked really really hard and dropped like 14% body fat--that is AMAZING!!! you are so awesome!! I still think you can win though (and when you do I think you should spend the money on fries and nachos from taco bell...JUST KIDDING!!!I'm sure all you want now is carrot sticks, right?? :))

Hupp Family said...

You can do it!!!! You're amazing! I know this sounds totally cheesy but I promise it works! Download the song, 'EYE OF THE TIGER' & listen to it every morning. You'll be working out before you know it & ready to kick some tushie! I'll be rootin' for you! Good luck!

Scott & Annie said...

You rock!!! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Justin & Kamie said...

So.... what happened? Did you win?!