Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 24, 2009

a couple of items of business...

JORDAN is now almost 14 months.

*Pacifiers bye-bye........check

*Bottles bye-bye...........check

*Drinks water like a champ from his new straw sippy cup.....check

*Drinks milk like a champ from a normal sippy cup...............check

YESSSSSSSS. WE DID IT. I don't know what it is with me giving in. I kept telling myself, one year old and it's all gone. Justin never took a paci, but Jordan LOVES IT. I guess I think it's one of those bitter-sweet moments in parenting. You want to give them something that you know they love and know makes them HAPPY, of COURSE!! But then again, you know the LONGER you wait, the HARDER it's gonna be for them to give it up. So I'm happy to say it's OVER! And he is sleeping fine, the transition was barely even noticeable. Then I figured, ahhh, why not just do away with the bottle too? Whew!


Katie said...

Way to go Sheila! And BTW, I think your boys are adorable too!

Kari said...

YAY!! You're awesome Sheila! Way to be strong! I knew it wouldn't take much with little Jordan. He's such an easy going sweet little(or should I say big) guy! Love those boys! and the pics below are so cute!! They are such handsome little guys!!

Angela said...

I have always had the same problem with making the switch/change. But then it's always been easy and worth it. I'm so glad he's on the road to "big boy" and with ease. =)

Those picture are so cute. I love the ties and Jordan's sweet litle round face! So Cute!

Shaun and Kelli Stracener said...

It's funny how sometimes we have to be the bad guys to be the good responsible mother. It's that whole, "you'll thank you me when you're older" phrase that we all hated to hear. Haha. He's such a big boy now! They are both so adorable!

Julie said...

I kept wishing that Adam would take a pacifier or bottle or whatever (anything but me), but he never did. Now, I guess I am glad because there's no weaning. Good job getting Jordan off his so quick.

Love the ties picture. I guess I need to get one for Adam. Maybe Easter? I just don't want the baby to be a boy, ya know?

HeidiAnn said...

Any ideas of how to break a 2 year old of his thumb. I mean I can't really throw it away right?? Poo. :O(

THE HAGES said...

Sheila, It was so good seeing you the other day! You look so good! And your boys get cuter everytime I see you!