Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 4, 2009

Conference Ideas for a 3 yr old

The Conference Basket
Really what happened was this morning, about 1/2 hour before conference I gave Justin his "conference basket". It was fully stocked with the cards, bingo game, coloring book and coloring stuff, treats treats and more treats. We went through the whole thing together, read the book for him to color, talked about the prophet and how important conference is. Then we made a Reverence Room sign (he made his own) and we hung it up in our living room. We talked about the rules in the Reverence Room and that if he wanted to play he could go outside or upstairs to play. So when conference started, the fun began!

Here's a bingo card that Justin put jelly beans on the spaces whenever they said the word that is in the picture. We helped him quite a bit, but he LOVED the jelly beans! You can find the Bingo card here.
I printed off these Apostle Cards and when there was a new speaker Justin got his cards out and tried to match the picture to the speaker. Find the Apostle Cards here.
Here he is trying to see if it's a match or not. (We watched on our computer). Then we hung the picture by the TV where our Reverence Room sign was.

(I know I spelled Reverence wrong on our poster, whatever.) I was actually pretty surprised with how well the day went. The entire first session went awesome and I think he actually listened a little. Second session he had quiet time in his room for the first 1 1/2 hrs, then he came and joined us for the last two speakers Elder Scott, and Elder Nelson and it was back to the basket. So, all in all, it was a hit. I got SO many super great ideas for when the kids are a little older, but for now I just hope he gets it that conference is a special time. For tons of other ideas for conference click here.


Kamie said...

What a great idea! Can you send me a Conference Basket? Seriously, it looked fun.

Melissa said...

These are such great ideas, Sheila! Where did you find the Bingo cards? Can you give us more details so we can be clever moms too!

Amber Brown said...

you are SO cute!!! Justin is so lucky to have such a fun creative mom!!

Shaun and Kelli Stracener said...

I LOVE THE CONFERENCE BASKET. What a great idea! I am ashamed to admit that I sent Alexa upstairs to watch cartoons in my bedroom with her "Just KEEP YOUR MOUTH QUIET BASKET" full of junk and candy so that Mommy and Daddy could have some peace and quiet downstairs. Hahha I'm awful! We are TOTALLY doing a Conference Basket next time. you are the best mom ever Sheila, seriously!

Hobbs Family said...

We did the bingo card too for Brogan. He had fun, but still has a little trouble with staying focused for two whole hours. The boys did pretty well though. I love the Reverence room idea and the apostle cards. it's nice to get new ideas to try out next time.

Kari said...

You are always full of great ideas! Love them all! Our primary actually gave out conference packets with the bingo game and other fun things for the kids but of course I forgot them at home and we watched conference up at your parents house... So I had Zach color in a picture of each speaker that I drew the outline for with their ties and heads. He got real into it and by the time he finished one it was time for the next speaker so it worked out great. Kali did it too for a little while but she soon lost interest as I expected. For the most part it went better than it has in past conference sessions.

Seriously though, I love all the time you put into it! Justin and Jordan are so lucky to have such a creative mom!! You are the best!! I really wish I could find the time to come up with the things you do!

The Howards said...

Such fun ideas! I hope I can remember them all when my kiddo is at that age!

Angela said...

I love all your activities and conference ideas. We did some fun stuff to get the kids pumped for conference in primary, but I wasn't feeling good enough to implement them this time. Maybe next. But I LOVE the conference basket. Especially when you think of the silly little things they're going to get in an easter basket and how much more important this one can be!

I loved your comment on my post! I knew my closest friends would appreciate it the most! Especially about the hair!! =)

Oh and P.S. - your check is in the mail!!! YAY!!!

sherrie said...

great ideas, i'll talk to you in about 2-3 years about it more i'm sure =)

HeidiAnn said...

Maybe someday I'll be as good a mom as you are. Such a good idea. I am totally doing it next year! Justin is such a cutie. I miss you. Here's hoping for this summer. So far the tickets have stayed cheap from phx to sac. I check like every other day. :) Lets keep our fingers crossed that they will stay cheap for a little while longer.