Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 13, 2009

Will you go to Opening Night with Me??

Jeff asked me to go to Giants opening night with him...and I said YES!! (Anyone seen Fever Pitch?) Anyways, it was such a fun night. We went with Jeff's brother Darren and his girlfriend Natalie and it was a super fun double date. The fireworks were a nice plus to the loss. Bummer.

Here are just a few Easter Pics.


Angela said...

YAY for dates! Did you get a kiss at the end?? =)

Looks like you guys had fun for Easter. It's so nice you're so close to family!

Meg said...

What a cute family!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You gotta love a baseball game under a blanket! (especially when there's stadium food involved!) For a great cheap game we like to take the kids to see the River Cats play. Everyone has fun! Next time we go we'll have to invite you!

Sarah said...

You guys have so much fun! That is awesome.
It looks like you have a link for Shanda on your blog. What exactly are you looking for?

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

We'd love to come over on Monday! I'll check with Brian to confirm his work schedule, then I'll call you and we'll set it up!

Shanda said...

HEY! I sent you an invite :) Sorry you weren't invited til now! (It wasn't on purpose) Tell Janese to email me and I'll invite her too!!!