Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 12, 2009

Am I one of those people now??

Ok, so I tried it...and it worked!!! I have a new obsession that is quickly becoming more and more addictive...COUPONS!! What have I gotten in to? I always read all the good deals that "people" get with coupons...and don't understand 1/2 the jargon they use and where they find these so-called coupons to get all this food for so cheap. Well, my good friend Kristin convinced me to jump on the bandwagon and here am I am with my first trip to Target....
2 boxes Delux Velveeta mac and cheese
4 small cans of Pringles
4 boxes Ritz
4 boxes Wheat Thins
4 Hersheys Bliss candy bars
4 Quaker Bites
4 Easy Mac n Cheese single serves
4 boxes 100 calorie packs
Total: $11.33
I will definitely be doing this. 3 month supply, here I come!

If you want to know how I did this click here and then click on the side on Target.
I am now a subscriber to the Sunday paper and am quickly figuring out how to save tons!
Good Luck!


Kristin Jones said...

Nothing wrong with being one of "those." I love it!!!!!

Kari said...

Sheila, You never cease to AMAZE me!! I am curious to know how you got ALL that for so cheap! Way to go sis! And by the way, I LOVE the adorable pics of your little studs below! Too cute! It was fun seeing you last weekend!!

Shaun and Kelli Stracener said...

I just got back from a RS Activity where we had a coupon expert come in and show us some tips. I'm totally starting this weekend too! Another thing I didn't know was to find the grocery stores that double and triple your coupons...I feel like the only one who didn't know they did that! Good luck!

Meg said...

Thanks Sheila! I am totally going to look into doing this.

Dyami said...

I checked out that link and really couldn't believe how much was free or under 50 cents. Seriously. Now I just need to do it. Thanks for passing on the good find!


wow! i want to be one of those people. love it.

Dyami said...

K, questions- when they say coupon from 3/29RP- is that a newspaper add? or what?

Kristin said...

WOW! I love it! I wish I wasn't such a spontaneous shopper. I need to be better. Those were some sweet coupons! So they let you combine coupons? Thanks for the tips and the amazing websites!


The Clarkson Family said...

I am amazed by people who save hundreds with coupons! You are awesome!

Amber Brown said...

I need to be one of those people but I am SO bad at it. We have a drawer full of coupons. Cory even organized them and cut mom brings them over constantly..sometimes I put them in my car so I'll have them when I need them...I used one for cat food day and I think it was like my second coupon EVER. You inspire me!!!