Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

June 8, 2009

I can't resist!

I'm sorry, I HAVE to post this!!

Here's my trip to Safeway this week:
1 box Cherrios, 4 boxes Cinn. Toast Crunch, 2 boxes Trix, 3 sodas, 2 body washes, 2 grapefruit cups, 2 hefty zipper bags, 2 Fudge brownies, 2 sausages.
Total: $15.68

And here's my trip to K Mart (...pretty sure I haven't shopped at K Mart since jr. high) BUT, I couldn't pass this up this week...THEY DOUBLE YOUR COUPONS!! So, I got, 4 pringles (.50 each) 4 Honey Nut Chex (.90 cents ea.) 2 Kix (.50 cents ea.) 1 Total (free) 2 Trail Mix Crunch (both free) 7 boxes Reese's Puffs (mmmmm .90 cents ea.) 4 boxes Del Monte chillers (all free) Oust disinfect. spray (free) 5 Old Spice High End. Deodorants ( 4 @ 1.69 and 1 @ .69 cents) 1 Dove Deodorant + body spray (.29 cents) 1 Frenchs Mustard (free) 1 BBQ sauce (free) 1 big bag Hershey's Bliss ($1.00...and SO worth it!)
Total: $19.61!!!!
I owe it all to


Kristin Jones said...

Did my Kmart run yesterday...definitely did not love. I was in there for way too long and shelves were pretty bare. Enjoyed my total at the end, but the experience was not great!

Jared and Erin said...

I really need to start doing this. Jared thinks your pretty funny and can't help but to make fun of you. Just wait, now thanks to you, his wife is going to be doing it to! :)

Amber Brown said...

wow..that's a LOT of cereal--perfect excuse not to make dinner..I'd use it if I were you :) Sheila you've obviously found something you are VERY good at--I'm glad you're having fun with it. I can't wait to see your book of coupons in LESS THAN A MONTH!! YAY!!!

HeidiAnn said...

Sheila . . . you are nuts! If I am tallying correctly, you have about 1000 things of deodorent for Jeff now right?! :) Seriously, though, you know you are a good couponer when your 3 year old asks if Santa uses them too.! That is hilarious! :) MISS YOU!!!! I hope you having a coupon training 101 ready to do with me when I see you in LESS THAN A MONTH!! Oh, and can I get good deals without having to buy all the sugary cereal. I just can't do it. My mom brainwashed me about that stuff since I was like 0. :)

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You are coupon crazy! Hooray for being dedicated to something!