Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 21, 2009

Girl's TRIP!!!

Two of my bestest girlfriends from BYU came to Cali with their kids...lets just say 8 kids under the age of 5, 4 moms, 0 dads = sheer chaos and a lot of laughs. Nap time and bed time were our highlights together because we could actually "talk" to each other and get caught up. Some other highlighs were watching the kids all play together,

church, (probably not for Heidi so much though. wink)

The River trip

Costa Azul

...and so much more that I didn't get pictures of, DQ, BJs, late night talking...I LOVED seeing you girls, thank you to your hubbys for giving you up for a week, I couldn't have done it and am SO glad that you guys came!!!! I can't wait to see what's next in the future for all of us!!!


Amber Brown said...

I need to post the one pic I think we have of us chicks together!!! seriously too many kids in all these pics!! kids ruin everything!! (big wink on that one..) I know it was a crazy week but I'm so glad we got to spend some time together and meet each others kiddos after far too long--yay for girls trips!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (ps-please note I look crappy in all these pictures because studying for the bar has a serious negative effect on my appearance...I promise after next week I will do my hair and wear makeup and make sure my clothes match and my toenails are painted and such...)

HeidiAnn said...

Amber got one of us together?? At BJS?! I want it Amber! Sheila. I am so glad you did this! Seriously, if you look at my blog I posted one lousy picture because it was all I had. Poo. I love this! MIss yoU!