Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 1, 2009

Our First Born is FOUR


He was very specific with his cake this year...he wanted vanilla cake with brown frosting with black sprinkles...and horsies of course :0) He decorated it all himself.

He got to bring star shaped cupcakes to preschool, with doesn't get much better.

And they made him feel pretty special today!
On to presents!

REAL COWBOY BOOTS from Grandma and Grandpa Stacy!! And a HUGE coloring book, markers and chapstick! THANKS!!

A baseball tee from his mom and dad.

Two puzzles, a dragon and a homemade SF 49ers pillowcase from Grandma and Grandpa Capell!! THANKS!!

And then on his actual B-day we celebrated at Red this place!

Jordan didn't like Red too much!!
Happy Birthday Justin!!
Since most of these posts are for journaling sake anyways, I need to write a little about Justin. He's shy. It takes him a couple min. to warm up to people (sometimes days) but once he feel comfortable around you he doesn't hold much back. He LOOOOVES horses, still. This is a year and a half obsession that I do not think is going to die down anytime soon. Since we live in Riverbank now, there are horses all by the road on the way to our house. So we see our "friends" multiple times daily and he loves them. Hes a very good big brother. Jordan is pretty fiesty and Justin rarely retaliates. He tries to make Jordan laugh when he is whiney by doing a funny monkey face in front of him. His favorite thing is to tell Jordan to say something and when Jordan repeats it he says, "YAAAAAY!" and clapps for him. It's pretty great. He hates to be alone right now. He always needs to know where I am going or what I am doing. He loves to help with everything I am doing, and is getting pretty independent in the things he does. "I can it do it Mommy" is a very common phrase around here. He loves to sing. He is the world's best backseat driver and constantly tells me when I am going "the wrong way". WHAT??!! like you know??? Most of the time he actually DOES know where we are which is scary...he's FOUR! We LOVE Justin and can't wait to see where he goes in life.


Kari said...

I'm so glad Justin had such a fun birthday! Wish we coulda been there for the party but so glad we came the night before to celebrate and spend some really fun time with you guys in your new house!! WE love you tons!!

Amber Brown said...

Justin is such a sweet boy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and I can't believe he is FOUR--you have FOUR year old!! Insane!! those pics are so cute! And I love red robin too--a lot. unlimited fries...yummm.....I'm so sorry I lost you yesterday!! I didn't want to call you on halloween, but maybe tonight :) love you!!!

HeidiAnn said...

Happy belated birthday Justin! I LOVE that he still loves horses. I think the scuba diver thing with Alex will stick too . .. we hope. I LOVE that he has REAL cowboy boots now and I LOVE that he is such a good kid and brother. This post made me miss you. BTW, I CANNOT believe he is FOUR!