Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 11, 2009

Some motivation

So I haven't posted a coupon deal in a long time because well, I stopped doing it while we were in "limbo". HOWEVER, now that we're back to ourselves again, I have taken it up and LOVE this little hobby of mine. It's seriously a rush for me. So all of this:

For $1.25!!!
7 Ocean Spray Cranberry juices
6 Glade sprays (that I actually submitted for an extra $5 rebate!!) (So a $3.75 money maker!)
6 boxes of Kleenex
1 Free Walgreens first aid kit

...and those orange things are toddler wipes that you can get for free with a target coupon. I got a lot, you can too!!!
Plus at Target right now you can get the DVD/Blu-ray combo of the movie Up! paired with the DVD Monsters Inc. for 14 bucks total!! I scored that last night for Christmas presents for the kiddos!
Some other deals that are not pictured that I got in the past few days:
Free Almay mascara
Free Almay foundation
2 Free Bic Solei razor refill cartridges
.50 Honey Bunches of Oats
4 free Campbells soups
4 free Quaker Quick Oats
.80 5lb sugar
$1 Chex...(think Muddy Buddies...mmmm!)
In all honesty, I've made money doing quite a few of these deals with getting back Walgreens Register Rewards.
I've mentioned this blog before, but if you get a hang of the coupon lingo (which I could help you with) you can seriously get AMAZING deals on stuff you are already buying! It's Right now is a really great time to check out her site because she posts lots of deals on toys that you may be buying but she's found coupons or something for them to make them cheaper!! EXAMPLE: Free games at Toys R Us...or super cheap if you don't want to do all the rebates etc. Good luck!


I also just wanted to remind all of my friends out there how special our MEN are! I've been kinda a drag lately to Jeff and I've been really self-centered about what I want and need Jeff to do for me and the boys ON TOP of all that he does all day to bring home the bacon...

So tonight for dinner I decided to do something a little more special so he could see how much I appreciate him. Before kids I was really good at surprsing Jeff with stuff like this to show my appreciation, but since the boys...not so much. I have good intentions!! So today I decided to bust out the bubbly, crystal and candles and write Jeff a note to let him know how much I appreciate him for going to work day in and out to support our family. It was really nothing fancy, but it was different than our last min. table setting and it made dinner really fun! Justin LOVED helping me set the table and was so excited to surprise daddy with the candles!!


Kari said...

Sheila you are AWESOME! Seriously I wish I was more like you all the time! Way to go on all the great deals and coupons. and I love your sweet idea on just changing things up a bit with Jeff and how great you are at letting him know how much you appreciate him. I need to be better about that...except my husband right now is on a cruise without me!! I don't feel sorry for him one bit right now! hah! Miss you! Love you sis!

Brynn said...

Sheil...I just showed Brian all of that stuff you bought and I need to get on board. I checked out that hiptosave blog, and found some awesome you have any other tips? You are the bomb.

Angela said...

Ok, I just got caught up with your posts so I'm going to do all my comments on here. First of all, I'll have to look into that coupon stuff, second, thanks for spitting out almost every restaraunt's birthday deal on my blog! haha, I was laughing reading it all... third, I love Justin's birthday cake and presents, can't believe the little guy's 4! Fourth, I just sat here laughing looking at naked little buddy Jordan reading books, and the book covering just perfectly his little goodies... haha. Fifth, plan 5 more for your house par-tae... ok, I wish! And Sixth, I'm reading this with Kayla and saying, "look that's Jordan. Remember, Justin and his little brother?" and she says, "Justin's little baby got BIG"! And I thought it was so cute! LOVE YOU!

Angela said...

I love you so much, but I can't wait to see you. Cool, it's Justin's birthday! I'm so glad that it's here. I know what it is... it was Justin's birthday and he's 4 years old. The end.


The Bjurstrom Family said...

Way to go Sheila!!!! I'm going to try the Walgreens and CVS deals this week. Lots of good money makers. Hopefully they still have the items I want left. Sorry we can't make it on Sunday:(

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You are so good, I did the UP and Monsters inc deal, because Francesca told me about it... she is another good influence on my spending! I still don't know how you get the time to do all the research and stuff for this... maybe I'll figure it out before we're broke!

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

So, I've been dabbling in the coupon thing off and on the past year and it is super fun... my problem is getting the newspaper. I hate it.. so are you getting all your coupons on line or are you having to get a couple copies of the Sunday paper each week?? I was just checking out the hip2save blog and I can't figure out if I need to be getting the newspaper coupons to score all her deals. Let me know!! liz

Hupp Family said...

So cute! And I love the Ikea tableware next to the nice china! You're a CUTE MOM! & WIFE!

Ben, Telia, Aeden and Eliza said...

Wow!!! YOu are amazing!!!