Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 1, 2009

um K Pumkin?

Justin's preschool went to the Pumpkin Patch. It was kinda lame actually, but they didn't know the difference, they thought it was GREAT!

THEN, that night after picking the perfect pumpkin, he got to go to a father-son pumpkin carving party. They had some goooood quality time together.


Kari said...

CUTE! I like the idea for the Father/son pumpkin carving night! I'm gonna have to pass that one along for next year. Looks like the boys had a fun time at the Pumpkin patch. Can't wait to see pics from Halloween!! Love you!

Kristin Jones said...

Cute pic of you and the boys!

HeidiAnn said...

Okay, so I didn't look at your blog for what two days and I missed like 20,000 posts. :) I love the picture of you and the boys!

Bryan and Ashley said...

Sheila, your boys are just so darn cute! Seriously, every time I think of my two boys I hope they'll be just like yours. :)

I just also wanted to tell you I've been thinking about you a ton. Your courage and faith in moving forward is so inspiring. I'm sure me saying this doesn't ease the pain, but I had to tell you you are an incredible example, and I'm so thankful to know you!

sherrie said...

jordan is getting so big. i feel like we haven't seen you in so long. i love how you admit the pumpkin patch was lame :)