Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 8, 2009

Christmas Season!

I LOVE the Christmas Season...really, who doesn't??

Well, to start off this post, I first have to say that you know how my last post was about another "dumb" giveaway?? Well, I WON SOMETHING!!

Besides great giveaways that I somehow get lucky with, we've been having a lot of fun as a family lately. Our new home is in Riverbank and it's a cute little town that reminds me a lot of Placerville. (my hometown) It has a cute little downtown and everyone comes out for the activities the city puts on. We went to the Christmas parade this past Saturday and it was really cute!

The motorcycles and all the dancing horses (not pictured) were highlights...

And of course THIS GUY...

was a hit!

Then that night was our ward Christmas Party and the activities comm. did an AMAZING JOB! There were different rooms set up all over the building with different activities like a service room, an ornament making room, a cookie decorating room, a santa room....

And then they did dinner just for adults and parents with little kids first and then the teenagers could come in after. It was so nice!! The primary did a little program...
and Justin actually sang the song and knew the words!! It was one of my prouder moments and we were bummed we didn't bring the video camera!! Jordan got his star moment when they invited the nursery kids up to a song with bells.

Look, his mouth is open, he's actually singing!! (click on the picture to make it bigger.)

(It might have had something to do with the fact that I told him if he sings really well for us, Santa will remember everything he told him he wanted!!) Shhhhhhh!

And my friend Kristin showed me how to make this wreath!!

And we decorated the house!!

AND here are pictures from Darren and Natalie's Wedding!!! Married Dec 19, 2009 in the Oakland Temple. We LOVE Natalie!!!!
My cute Jordan
Justin and Mommy

Our Family

At the luncheon
Jeff with his Grandma Capell
Uncle Eric and Jordan
Me and Jenny
The Love birds!


Kristin Jones said...

You lucky're so good! Your wreath turned out great! Good work!

Kari said...

Yay for lots of cute pictures! I am so glad you guys are loving your new home and town. Looks like you guys had a really nice ward Christmas activity too. So cute that Justin was singing for his presents from Santa!! Haha! There is nothing wrong with bribery! I'm excited to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Hey hingla! looks like things are going great! I was about to call you and tell you that you are slackin with the pix. Thanks for putin some up. It helps me and britt stay up to date.
Love your lil bro

Jared and Erin said...

Just so you know, Jared and I enjoy looking at your blog. You are so cute. And he used to laugh at your frugal shopping, but tonight, he said, "why don't you do that?" I really need to get on board with your coupon shopping.

Angela said...

What a cute wreath! And the pictures of it are great! I'm so happy you guys get to be in your own home this Christmas. It makes Christmas even more special! What a cute town! I'm sure they're excited to have two cute little buddies lining their streets during fun things like parades! =) Love you!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Fun! Jordan looks so big in his church clothes!!

The Andersons said...

Hey! Totally unrelated to your post, but I saw you out my window when you dropped off your card. I tried to run down, but you were already gone. You are fast! :)

Shanda said...

I haven't checked your blog for awhile- LOVE the wreath :) And I'm glad you guys are having so much fun this season!

HeidiAnn said...

I am so dumb. I kept checking your blog and saw the title and thought it was still the one about the giveaways . .. DUH!!! Anyway, so I finally realized this was a new post with what you WON and some pictures. I am so dumb sometimes. Anyway! SO CUTE SHEILA!! I bet it is SO fun to have your first Christmas in your OWN home and the wreath you made is SO PRETTY!! You are so crafty! Love it!! MIss you and hope you had a great CHristmas!

Holly said...

Great job on the wreath. I love it. Really, how do you do it? I'd love to make one.