Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 4, 2010

For YOU Lil Bro!!!

Here's the boys on Christmas Sunday. Justin threw a FIT when I tried to get him to wear the vest...he INSITED on a tie. So luckily we had a cute little red one from Jeff and Britt's wedding!!

Justin's preschool (which I got SO lucky to find) did a Nativity Christmas Play and he was none other than a SHEEP!! The perfect part for my animal obsessed child! He said his part so well.

Of course family night had to be making a gingerbread house! The boys LOVED this way more than I thought they would...actually so did Jeff. :0)

This Christmas was way more fun than last year. Well, having a house of very own with a fireplace MIGHT have had a little to do with it, but aside from our physical surroundings, JUSTIN was SO enthralled with everything Santa. He really caught on to it this year and was mostly excited about Santa's Reindeer. So carrots were a must and they insisted they get their green trees to be healthy and strong and while were at it, why not the rest of the veggies we had on hand! Cookies of course with a cup full of milk for good Ol' Saint Nick.

Then we opened the traditional jammies and slippers! Buzz Lightyear PJ's and Spiderman Slippers! (the only ones I could find day after Thanksgiving at Walmart for 3 bucks!)

Sports pillows made with love from Grandma Capell--THEY LOVE THEM!

Grandma Stacy got her traditional calendar. Kari started this one year and now it's a must have every year. We love Christmas!!

Oh yeah, and did I say that Christmas Day was spent at MY HOUSE THIS YEAR!?! For the first time since Jeff and I have been married we didn't travel on Christmas eve at 10:00pm from Modesto to Camino (2 hrs). It was so great to be at our house and get to wake up here Christmas morning and stay here for the day! THANK YOU to my family for driving to come and be with us!! I haven't felt so much Joy in a long time. It was perfect.

While we were waiting for the roast to cook, we watched Christmas Vacation (a family favorite) and here's dad, just picture him saying, "I'm get you something, (click) REEEAL NIIICE"--and they apron was worn for me. Dad's such a sport!! I think he looks great!

Zach got a Razor rip rider?? And you can like spin out in's pretty sweet. Here's grandma trying it out. Kari, you should post the video of grandma!! It was great.

And there you have it!! Wish you were here with us Biffrey, but we're so glad you're in good hands with Tami and Mike!! LOVE YOU!!


The Andersons said...

So awesome! I can't wait to have Christmas in my own house!

HeidiAnn said...

YAY!! I have been checking this EVERY day waiting for you to post. :) Okay, so I LOVE that your boys are ON the table decorating the gingerbread houses! I would do the same thing, but have gotten slack for letting my kids on the table from "others." :) I LOVE that Jeff is squirting the frosting into Jordan's mouth! I LOVE that Justin's tie is outside of his vest rather than tucked in. Alex insists on that same killer style. :) I LOVE that everyone came to your NEW house and that you put carrots and veggies out for the reigndeer! I just love everything about this post. MISS YOU!!!!!!!

Kari said...

You're one step ahead of me!! I am still working on my Christmas post. You got some GREAT pics of the whole fam on Christmas day. It really was a fun Christmas this year!! I also LOVE Justin's little fashion statement with the tie outside his vest! I love that kid! Love you sis!!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

LOL! Yeah, the tie on the outside finally got left out after I tucked into the vest like 3 times and Justin kept pulling it choose your battles and it's still cute but with "style!"

Stacys said...

the boys are getting so big! they are adorable:)

Stacys said...
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Kristin Jones said...

Great pictures She! Love the update!!

sherrie said...

sounds like a great christmas. now that all the crazy holiday stuff is over neil and i need to come see your house =)

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

That looks like a great Christmas! Love Justin the sheep and the boys in their church clothes! There's something about a little boy in a sweater vest... SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sister for the post!! I feel special!! I laughed a lot just picturing all those different situations...especially dad!! ha ha

Love Lil Bro

The Garner Family said...

So fun to catch up on your blog! Life is going about 150 MPH right now and I am looking forward to a calmer pace after the holidays. I don't know when we'll be out in CA again, but I will definitely try to hook up. I tried in September, but I know it was a bad time for you. Keep your spirit shining!

Linda Stacy said...

Gotta love boys - a white shirt & tie and they're set for church. Hey that just means more time & money for the girl in the family to look good for church right?
Love Mom

Becky said...

Hi Sheila! It's Becky Johnson. I have blog stalked you a few times, and figured I'd better let you know. :) Your family is adorable. And I love seeing pictures of your parents, they look great. It's fun finding old friends in the blog world.