Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 20, 2010

Costco for under $100?

I was at Costco the other day and I've heard people nickname it the hundred dollar store since it's impossible to get out of that store for under a hundred. Well, my total is usually around $5-$10 since all I buy there is a double pack of non fat milk, $3.69, lately these awesome pears at .66/lb, and sometimes their amazing two packs of crusty Rosemary bread (sigh) it's A-mazing! Anyways, for the first time in a long time, we didn't leave under 100 because I saw this
and had to have it!! I've been looking at outdoor porch furniture etc. and it's all a little out of our budget right now. THIS, for the price, is exactly what I wanted!!! I'm SO EXCITED!! SO we broke it in the other night for dinner! (And it sure was great to have when all the family was together for the post wedding festivities!)
Notice our sweet weeds/grass that we've got going on. Since we haven't put in our backyard I'm not about to NOT let my kids play back there, so Jeff mows the weeds and for now, it's our "grass". We're not in any hurry in this department so for now, it's just fine! I guess we'll see how it goes in 100 degrees. Maybe I'll get one of those plastic kiddie pools to put back there. At least I won't have to worry about a pool killing the grass! LOL!!

Here's a family night earlier this month:
Yes, those are NUTS, the MODESTO NUTS is our AAA team? AA?? NOT really sure, but it was a fun night. We got these tickets given to us through Jeff's work and got a VIP BBQ before the game (BOMB Tri-Tip Sandwiches) and great seats right behind the plate. It was fantastic!! Jordan was OBSESSED with these guys for the rest of the night!


Amber Brown said...

pretty much your lawn looks like every lawn in Arizona in the summer (who am I kidding....all year long..) LET EM PLAY ON IT--it's all good :)

Kari said...

yay! Loving the table! It's perfect. We so need to come down and try it out with you guys sometime soon!! Cute baseball pics too! What a fun family night! Love you!!

Kristin Jones said...

Perfect idea on the table! Sometimes you just have to splurge at Costco! :)

Becky said...

I agree about the 100 dollar store. But I was like you a lot, only spending a small amount each time. I think I went just for something to do, somewhere to take the kids to get of the house. What a lame mom I am!

Your boys are so darn cute!

HeidiAnn said...

Yay!! Soooooo fun!! I want a picnic table someday too. I love the baseball shots too. Sooo cute!! I miss you. . . like always. :( Also, sorry I have been so non-bloggy lately. In fact I think this is the first comment I have left anyone in weeks. We are trying to get housing and preschools ready for DC. PAIN!!! I can't wait until we are all ready to go.

The Brandon Biz said...

You're like the rest of us spending money at the store. It's hard to leave there under $100

The Riddle Family said...

Oh Sheila! Only you could go to Costo and only buy milk! You guys look like you are having a great time in your new home. I will be calling you soon because we are moving into our new home this weekend!!!

Bryan and Ashley said...

Man, I need to shop with you. I never make it out of there...always buying something I totally do not need. That table is perfect! And your boys are still adorable! :)