Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 18, 2010

Lovin' cousins and T-ball

Grandma Stacy watched all the grand kids while Mark, Kari, Jeff and I went and did a session at the Sacramento Temple. She took some cute shots that I got from her! We love our cousins!

And Justin is playing T-Ball this year and is having a lot of fun. Here's from his first game:


Kristin Jones said...

How is Justin old enough to play tee-ball?! Too cute!

Kari said...

AWE!!! I MISS YOU!!!!! Seriously, love all the pics and I am not liking this living so far from you guys!! Love the t-ball pics of Justin. He is too cute! I need to get Zach's pics up too. Well, so we need to get together soon or I'm going to cry! Love you sister!! MISS YOU TONS!!