Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 18, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Our weekend started on Friday (duh) and it was non-stop...
I cleaned the house and got it ready for company (trust me, this took ALL day), packed the boys for their night together and got Justin ready for his 5:30 T-Ball game.
2:00 My "cleaning fairy" and good friend Tiffany from Sac comes to rescue my day and help me get everything done that still wasn't done.
5:00 Jeff gets home from work, Darren and Natalie come over to support Justin and off we go to the game.
5:30 T-Ball
6:30 Come home, change clothes, and off they go for their fathers/sons campout with our ward.

I'm so proud of Jeff for this picture...I guess the batteries died after this one and if there was ONE picture to get, I think this one does it all justice!! LOVE my boys!

7:00 Girl's night out (phew!!)
9:00 Eric and Jenny came for the night and the beginning of the REST of the weekend...

7:30 am Boys come home from campout, throw the boys in the tub, put them in their church clothes. Drive to Oakland
10:00 am Josh and Rae's Sealing!!!!

1:00 Giants vs Astros--yes, we decided since we were in the city to hit up a Giants game, so we changed our clothes and enjoyed a fun day at the ball park.

6 pm BACK to Turlock for the reception. Changed back into wedding attire and partied till about 8:30 when I decided we'd better put these exhausted boys to bed! It was a crazy stressful weekend but TONS OF FUN!!

We loved spending time with all Jeff's extended family and loved having the Walkers stay with us. Saturday night was a highlight with Eric, Jenny, Darren, Natalie and Brittany, Dianna and Johnny all over for "game night" Balderdash and this family is classic and always leads to tears from laughter. I think Jeff finally came to bed Sat. night around 2:30am! Those are the best times though right??
After church everyone came to our house to eat all the leftover reception food and it was GREAT!


Amber Brown said...

SO FUN!! You guys are die hard--I love it!!

Kari said...

Definitely Die Hard! Glad you had a good time and that all the stress is over for you!! Now you better be chillin all week!! LOVE YOU!! I miss you!!

sherrie said...

that always happens, everything in one weekend. wish we were able to be there for the wedding...

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

WHOA!!! I can't imagine how tired you must have been! Sounds like fun!

Nanna said...

Great pictures Sheila! Thanks for your help with learning how to comment!