Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

June 14, 2010

Another great year!

June 11th Jeff and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! SIX YEARS! We did sealings while our wonderful sister Jenny watched the boys (THANK YOU!!) and the sealer and everyone in the room with us were so cute. They kept calling us the "newlyweds" and let me scoot my chair closer to Jeff's when he was the witness...let us kiss over the alter, more than once ;0)...took some time to talk about how special marriage is and really just made it all so great to be there on our anniversary. We could have called it a day and gone home very happy. BUT...we didn't, I had a whole weekend planned for Jeff and the temple was the start of a great weekend!

We dropped the boys off at my parent's house (AND THEY HAD A BLAST with G&G Stacy, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!) and then headed to Tahoe. We had dinner and then drove up to our hotel. We stayed at The Ridge At Lake Tahoe in the Plaza and it was FANTASTIC! It's like a resort so they had so much stuff to do for free (and and everyone knows I LOVE FREE STUFF) so we took full advantage. We stayed two nights so we pretty much had all day Saturday to do whatever we wanted. So after we got breakfast we...

went hot tubbing at the indoor and outdoor hot tubs right on top of our building. The view from the outdoor tub was spectacular!!

and Jeff thought the view from the indoor hot tub was pretty good too... this picture reminds me of one I have from our honeymoon. The Giants swept the A's this weekend, so it was a GOOD weekend!

We did some sight seeing...

and played 18 holes of mini golf (for the record I beat Jeff!)

Played a little raquetball

A little indoor basketball

Serious, we did play. I just like this picture.

We hit up the pool table...twice

Enjoyed the sunset from the Summit at Heavenly

And had a picnic on the beach.

Sweetheart, it really has been an amazing 6 years, and yes, I do still feel like a "newlywed"...not sure that will ever go away, and sure hope it doesn't. I LOVE being with YOU!


Amber Brown said...

You guys are still seriously the cutest couple I know---HAPPY SIX YEARS!!!

Kari said...

What an awesome place! Mark and I seriously need to try it out sometime! Happy 6 years! Glad you guys had such a great getaway! That's the best!

Capell said...

That looks like such a fun place!!!! How fun.

Kristin Jones said...

Happy anniversary! So glad that you had such a fun weekend!!

Shaun and Kelli Stracener said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun little vacation! you guys did a lot! awesome! Congrats!

The Garner Family said...

So fun! I was glad to see wedding pics since I missed all your fun:( Happy anniversary! Check out my blog updates (long overdue:) when you get a chance!

HeidiAnn said...

Oh SOOO FUN!!!!!! I am so jealous. I can't wait to do something fun with Joseph. You guys are tooooo cute!