Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 13, 2010

Monterey is FUN!

We're taking full advantage of Jeff's days off and I've booked our summer to the max. It's hard to believe that if Justin was starting school this year, he'd already have completed his first week as a kindergartner. I'm so glad to have my boy around for one more year before that all has to start!
Oh yeah, and I'm officially world's longest poster. Now that I've decided to turn this year into a blurb book, my posts might all be a little more info than you really wanted--it's for posterity though, right?

So we went to Monterey for the weekend and actually had some firsts!
We stayed at the Best Western Resort where the beach is right in our backyard! Jeff and I realized that it was our families first time in a hotel just the four of us! (not counting Snowbird) and now that Jordan is in a bed, it was quite the night sharing with Justin. I think Jordan rolled off at least three times...possibly more, it's all a blur now though.
Apparently they call this time "June Gloom" and Sept.-October is the best time to go to Monterey, but the fog didn't stop these boys from enjoying the beach.

We headed to the Aquarium in the morning and got there right when it opened, spent a couple hours there and then headed for lunch.
We got lunch and after a dip in the hot tub, ventured back to the beach. Once we were all cleaned up, we went back to finish the rest of the Aquarium. I cannot believe how much these two boys LOVED this place. I thought they'd enjoy it, but Jordan was mesmerized. I think if we didn't have a dang meter to worry about feeding, we could have spent hours and hours there...staring... it was well worth it!!!

Then, back to the beach:

And to top off the day, we found/heard about this park, Deniss the Menace Park---the boys LOVED it!

Jordan had so much fun on this huge bridge. I think he went back and forth 5 times!

I always love these drinking fountains, they make such fun pictures.

Jeff helped Jordan climb the wall.
Oh, this red slide...def. my highlight--you can FLY down this thing if you're not a kid!

Jordan got brave...see Jeff and Justin at the top? Let's just say they caught up with Jordan and our little buddy got LAUNCHED---wish I could have gotten it on camera.

The boys loved the huge train they could climb all over. But I thought it was a little scary.

It was a BUSY and fun day---this all could have easily been spread out over a couple of days, but we only had one, so there you have it!


Kristin Jones said...

You did all of this in ONE DAY?! You go!!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You guys have too much fun! NO FAIR!!!! I keep picking up on hints in your comments. Sweet tooth, eh? I'm curious.

Kristin said...

WhooHoo!! That BestWestern is so great for the price! We had a beach view when we went with Neal's parents! What a perfect spot! And my kids LOVED the Dennis the Menace Park too! Glad you guys had a blast! I can't wait to go back! We need to hang out soon! I miss you! How are you feeling, BTW?

Nick and Cristina Anderson said...

I'm so glad to hear you're keeping Justin one more year before starting Kindergarten! We have decided to do the same thing with Noah. You guys have had a pretty awesome summer so far!

Becky said...

I'm so jealous. I love Monterey. I miss the beach. Darn Utah!

Kari said...

FUN!! I'm bummed we couldn't go with you guys. Looks like such a blast!! I keep telling Mark that's on my to-do list and one of these days we will get out there.