Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 7, 2010

California State Fair

It's a tradition to go to the State Fair every year. This year I was especially excited to go because the boys are both at great ages to enjoy it all and it was SUPPOSED to be a little cooler this year than in the past. There was a breeze which helped the 104 degree temps, and to be honest, the heat really didn't bother me. We went with my mom and Mark and Kari's family.

We were immediately ushered to the fire safety zone where the kids go from house to house learning about fire safety and getting their "passport" stamped. After they have seen it all, including a puppet show, they turn in their passports for a prize (super cool hankerchiefs). The highlight, however, was Smokey himself!

I'd have to say that CA stepped it up a notch this year with some of the exhibits. The dinosaur exhibit that we walked through was so real looking, the kids were in awe. It was even a little too real with T-REX eating another dinosaur...that was still BREATHING! The blood and guts was a little much for me. We told the kids that the T-REX was "helping" the hurt dinosaur.

Here's our four little Cave people:
Another step up for the fair this year was their amphibians exhibit. They had turtles, snakes, crocodiles etc. that the kids could look at and actually touch if they got close enough.

The farm animals are always fun to see and feed and pet.

And of course the ROLLER COASTER! I'm kinda a cheapskate (we all know this) so the boys get to pick just one ride. (They're $4 each!) They have chosen the same ride for the past three years, so it must be a winner.

Inside the exhibits this year they had jet you could sit in, so we got some pictures real quick--the guy working there was NOT such a nice guy.
We got some pictures with Kung Fu Panda and they boys are demonstrating their Kung Fu Skills:
And after a long, hot day at the fair, we had to hit up Costco for pizza. Five kids in one cart...scary.

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