Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 7, 2010

Snowbird 2010

Ok, here we go!! LOTS of pictures for the book.

THE traditional Walker Family picture in front of the big rocks

First night, Sunday for us, we went to the big family dinner and then back to Glade and Sherry's to spend the night with them. Monday we went swimming and played our favorite Snowbird activity, BINGO where we won two of the first three games!! Then starting Monday night we got to have our own room for the rest of the week!
So for breakfast on Tuesday morning we decided a little fresh squeezed OJ would be fun. The boys LOVED doing this with Jeff.

After a good pancakes breakfast, we went on the Cecret Lake Hike. The wildflowers were all in full bloom and the views were spectacular! The boys did better than I did on the hike, well, maybe not Jordan, but Justin did great. I took a break like every three minutes or so.

Wednesday we met up with my good friend Annie Osmond and her two kids and hit up Seven Peaks water park. I was again surprised at how much the boys could do. They could go down all the big slides accept for the BIG big slides that even I don't want to go down (and Jeff was sore from for three days). It was a blast and I didn't take one picture (but who wants to see pics at a water park?).
Wednesday night was the traditional baby shower and this year it was for ME!! I still cannot believe that I opened presents with pink bags and tissue, dresses, bows and flowers!!

I have no idea what we did on guess is the pool, the fishing pond and the family BBQ.
Friday we watched Darren and Natalie go down the Apline Slide. While we were waiting, Jeff turned his hat backwards and the boys were quick to copy.

Then later that evening we got hold of some all day passes and hit up the tram,

Rode up the lift to go...

down the alpine slide!!!

and the zip line!!!

Then, to top off the night, Johnny got us a campsite at Cecret Lake and we got to enjoy some yummy Smores!

We WIPED these kids out with late nights almost every night and no naps. They conked out every night...
I was in the middle of changing Jordan into his jammies and had to capture it.

Whew! What a week!


Kari said...

That looks like so much fun Sheila!! What an awesome memorable trip for the boys too! You guys did EVERYTHING! Love the backwards hat pics! I so wish we could have stayed in Utah longer to do more fun things like you guys! Glad you had such a great trip and I'm sure you're glad to finally be back in your own bed!! :) We need to hang out before school starts and life gets busy again!! Miss you! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

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