Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 22, 2010


Happy 5th Birthday to Justin!! We decided since we have two potty trained boys that sleep in beds we should take advantage before baby sister comes and go to Disneyland. I'm SO HAPPY WE DID! I've been known to be "Disney Downer" and always thought that you should wait to take your kids to Disneyland once they are older and will remember it. Well, with Jordan being free, and getting some discounted tickets through Jeff's work, we decided to do it and I HAVE NO REGRETS! Seeing the boys soooo excited about everything, every ride, every character, the trains, the was SO worth it!!! We stayed at the Cortona just down the street from Disneyland and I would highly recommend it. We drove down Sunday night, woke up Monday for our first day at Disneyland and had a blast. Monday night was the highly anticipated Medieval Times...that's for a post of it's own. SO. MUCH. FUN. Then the plan was to hit up Disneyland and California Adventure on Tuesday...well, the plans changed. We slept in, so while we were at breakfast, Jeff came up with the idea that we stay an extra night and do our last day on Wednesday. Sounded great to me because it was looking pretty ugly outside. It turns out it POURED ALL DAY on Tuesday....great decision!! We hung out as a family, hit up some souvenir shops, watched the Giants beat the Phillies (woot woot!!) and gave Jordan a MUCH needed nap!! It was a great fun, relaxing day. Wednesday was great and Day 2 was super fun! Here's all the pictures...LOTS of pictures!!
DAY 1: Disneyland

DAY 2...staying "home". The boys had fun making a fort with our unbrellas to picnic under.
DAY 3: JUSTIN'S BIRTHDAY! Back to Disneyland and then over to California Adventure!


Toy Story Mania might just be my very favorite ride-IT. WAS. AWESOME!

So there it was seriously a blast for all of us.


Kristin Jones said...

I knew that you would love it!! I'm so glad that you decided to bite the bullet and go!! Love it!

sherrie said...

a disney downer? never heard of it til now :) halloween is my favorite time to go. please tell me you went on the haunted house? the best at halloween. glad you guys had so much fun, how can you not? see you next weekend.

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

FUN! I'm glad you guys had such a great time... no one should be a Disney Downer!

Heidi Miller said...

Ok . . .I think my favorite picture is the one of you and the boys in a red seat and the boys are laughing. So cute! I can't believe you did all this . . . and mounted a Carousel horse at . . how far along!! :) You rock Sheila! I can't wait to meet you there with my kids someday when we live closer!!!! Yipeee!!!

Kari said...

YAY!! I am SOOOO glad you guys had a blast and loved it!! Maybe someday we'll get there together! Great pictures too! Makes me super excited for our trip in a couple weeks. We LOVE Disneyland!!

Westmoreland Family said...

Great Pictures! So jealous you got to see so many characters. We went in april and saw NONE! My kids were so disappointed! Your pictures are great! Love them! What are you naming your little girl?? Can't wait to see pictures of her!

The Howards said...

I know what you mean about still feeling like newlyweds but not really being in that stage! I guess one way you know that is when you ride all the kiddie rides with your children at Disneyland! Such fun pictures. Good luck these next few weeks!