Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 27, 2010

Justin's 5th B-day Party

Justin requested yellow cake with chocolate frosting so, I decided to make my first double layer cake. I also didn't have any frosting on hand, so I made my own. It all turned out pretty good actually and I was super happy!

Had to throw in one of Jordan's cute face.

Jeff and I still can't believe we have a five year old. It's strange we're slowly drifting out of the "young married stage"...I guess we're in the "young family stage" now. I still feel like a newlywed though. Shoot, we're just 5 weeks away from being a family of FIVE!


Shaun and Kelli Stracener said...

Can you believe our kids are turning 5 this year? It was just crazy or me to think how old they are getting. Happy Birthday Justin!!!! And hooray for matchbox cars. Michael is quickly catching on and loves them already!

Heidi Miller said...

5?!?!?!?! When in the world did baby Justin become 5!?! Crazy! That cake looks ummmm PERFECT!!! I miss you! I wish I made my kids own stockings and was caught up on their scrapbooks?! Hmmmm, when will ever feel caught up?! Btw, you are only 5 weeks away?!?!?!?!! No way!! Time flies for those of us who are not prego! :)