Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 17, 2010

Please, just SLEEP!

Here is my morning this morning (You may relate...)

5:57 am
I roll over in my bed to see Jordan's head pop up from the side of my bed.
"Jordan, it's not even 6 o'clock, it's still night time, let's go back to bed."
I walk with Jordan back to his room.
"I have to pee-pee mommy"
Sit with Jordan in the bathroom while he doesn't pee, his pull-up is FULL, he's clearly already gone.
Convince Jordan not to flush since he didn't pee and Justin was somehow still asleep.
Give Jordan a sweatshirt since he is "freeezing mommy" and put him back in his bed, convince him it's still night time and then put every stuffed animal in his arms.
Get back in my bed...almost asleep...

Feel a touch on my arm. WHYYYYYYYY????
"Mommy, I have to ask you something."
"Justin, it's not 7 o'clock, go get back in your room."
Walk with Justin back to his room while he asks me what Jordan and I are doing while he is at preschool today.
"I don't know, go to sleep"
Jordan's room is quiet, yessssss
Get back in my bed...

Boy's bathroom light goes on . Are you kidding?
Justin pees and FLUSHES, he NEVER flushes during regular business hours, of course he would remember this morning. He leaves the light ON and runs back into his room.
I turn the light off.
Get back in my bed...

Feel my bed shake, then shake again. Look over, no kid...hmmmmm
Realize Jordan is lying next to Jeff on his side of the bed. Gives daddy a big good morning hug and then tries to sleep in between Jeff and I. NOT HAPPENING.

Justin runs in our room ready for the day. I bring both kids downstairs. Not smiling.

Both the boys have locks on their doors. Jordan's is one of those toddler proof knobs that are supposed to twist...he can open it. DANG I don't usually HAVE to actually lock Justin's door, just threaten that I will lock it and he stays inside. This MIGHT be a long day. For now though, they are playing very nicely together, I'll take what I can get.


Amy said...

:( that makes me tired just reading it! hopefully you all can sneak naps in today!

Heidi Miller said...

Oooohhhhh I KNOW THE FEELING!!! It is one of those mornings where all that goes through my head are a bunch of really good swear words. This post made me laugh out loud btw.

The Andersons said...

Oh my gosh! I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Sarah said...

I feel ya. My kids are threatened with death if they come in too early. Yuck. Mornings. I hope tomorrow is better for you!

Kristin Jones said...

You were trying to sleep until what time?!?! In my dreams!! Love you!

Bec, Tim and Boys said...

Hahahahaha! I can totally relate! Our kids have locks on their doors and are not supposed to get out of bed till 7! And the peeing thing...yeah, this could have been an excerpt from my life! I feel for you! Way cute family picture by the way and congrats on a BABY GIRL! So lucky to have both!

The Howards said...

I should have called you!! My litte rugrat, I mean cute little guy, was crawling in my bed around the same time. Turns out it was a long did yours go? Those last few weeks of pregnancy are tiring!! Hope you survived the day and be glad its the weekend!!