Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 7, 2011

Sleeping through the night!

She's 8 weeks and pulling a solid 8 hours for us!! GOOOO HAILEY!! I am officially obsessed with my kids, I love my boys and love having Hailey, she always makes us smile and is really getting more social with us with lots of cooing to gooing. These milestones are really sticking out to me and I'm enjoying everything so much! Justin took a bunch of these pictures, he's not too bad!


Jeff and I got to go to our first adult session Stk. conference since having kids. We spent it together in the nursing lounge since it was time for Hailey to eat, and it was a great date night!

And here's Hailey and her cousin Walker who is just three weeks younger than her!


Heidi Miller said...

She is so so so so so pretty Sheila! I love her pretty red bow and her big blue eyes and how in love Jeff looks with her. :) So cute!

Scott & Annie said...

Oh my heck...I was just thinking this morning, okay, she is 10 weeks, I'm sure she's sleeping through the night. Soooo happy for you, and ready to be there too:)